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Ricardo Silva's apartment building

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Ricardo Silva's
apartment building
Ricardo Silva's apartment building.jpg
Location: Unknown
Purpose: Residence

Ricardo Silva brings Anna to the apartment building where he used to live.

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors


Heroes Evolutions

Operation Splinter

In chapter 2 of Operation Splinter in the iStory, the Primatech contracted player heads to a beat-up apartment building where Ricard Silva used to have a second floor apartment. It appears thieves and vandals have stripped everything valuable from the building's exterior, and junkies and gang members are entering and leaving the building. A stoned, blond teenager is slumped on the front steps as the player approaches the entrance, and the player soon realizes she is Anna.

Angry shouting then begins inside the building, and a gunshot lights up the upstairs windows in the twilight. Then the front door opens and the player sees surging bodies, a baseball bat, screaming mouths, and a pair of glowing red dots. Suddenly, the player becomes enraged, screams back, draws a gun, and clenches a fist. The player then focuses on Anna, and aims the gun at her.

In chapter 3 of Operation Splinter in the iStory, the Primatech contracted player awakens while punching a half-conscious gang member over and over. The player then rushes out to the front lawn, spots Ricardo's car screeching down the street, and starts pursuit using the player's car.

In chapter 4 of Operation Splinter in the iStory, the Primatech contracted player returns to Ricardo Silva's former apartment building. The player finds that police tape and uniformed men surround the building. Looking closely, the player notes that none of the uniformed men wear badges and heads upstairs to Red Eye's apartment. A pile of planks lies in the hallway that were removed from the boarded shut door. Inside the apartment, the player finds it dark with spot lights on and dust hovering in the air. An agent named Eric arrives behind the player and instructs the player on searching the desk and file cabinet while he reads a leather-bound notebook. Afterwards, the agent admits to having begun searching earlier and that the player has just caught up to him. Then, they both search the apartment and find Ricardo's wife and child are dead and wrapped in plastic garbage bags in the closet. Eric then gives the notebook to the player and informs the player it is Ricardo's personal journal.

A minute after Eric leaves, Agent Dulahey arrives and grabs some of the files off the desk. He claims that no other agents were assigned to assist, and that they need to gut the place using an incinerator out back. Dulahey then leaves the room and the player decides to keep the diary. The apartment windows then brighten as the eclipse begins to end.


  • Ricardo Silva doesn't own the building. According to Primatech records, he used to have an apartment on its second floor.
  • The location of the building is unknown, but it presumably within a two hour drive of the Level 5 Primatech detention facility Red Eye escaped from in upstate New York. The Primatech contracted player arrived at the building two hours after reporting the results of the player's investigation at that facility.


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