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Portrayed by T.W. Leshner
First appearance Kindred
In-story stats
Known ability None
Date of death March 2007
Home New Jersey, Costa Verde, CA
Occupation college student

Derek was an escaped prisoner with Alejandro.

Character History


Derek, locked in a cell in a Mexican police station, sees Alejandro put in the adjacent cell. Derek remarks (in English) that Alejandro "looks like ass". Alejandro replies that he doesn't speak English. When Maya uses her ability on the police to free Alejandro, Derek is also affected and passes out. However, he revives when Alejandro uses his ability. Derek implores the twins to take him, since he has a car. The three rush to his car, which is parked outside.

The Kindness of Strangers

Derek, Maya, and Alejandro have been driving to the American border for two days. Maya asks Derek if he can take them into America, but he tells them that police will be looking for them there. Derek stops the car and finds Sylar lying on the road, asking for help. Derek brings Sylar along with them in the car.

The party stops at a small village, where Derek buys a newspaper which shows the police sketches of Maya and Alejandro. Realizing the two are wanted for murder, he tells Sylar that they should leave the twins behind. Sylar says he'll distract the twins, and tells Derek to call the police. Instead, Sylar follows Derek and kills him with a blow to the head with a brick.

Graphic Novel:The Rogue

At a frathouse in Costa Verde, CA, Derek pledges a fraternity at his university. As part of pledging, he must complete a scavenger hunt with an assigned partner and meet the fraternity brothers in Mexico. Derek and his partner Rick happen upon Claire's Nissan Rogue--with the keys inside--at Costa Verde High School. They steal the car and use it to complete their scavenger hunt before driving to Mexico to meet the pledgemaster.


  • Given that Alejandro and Maya had just crossed into Mexico, they are presumably not far across the border. Derek would have had to drive quite fast to get to southern Mexico from California assuming the events depicted are roughly in order. This may be why he was in jail.

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