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Lloyd Collins

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Lloyd Collins
Portrayed by Michael Maury
First appearance Seven Minutes to Midnight
In-story stats
Known ability None
Alias Robert Greene
Nickname Sideburns Cop
Date of death 2007
Home Midland-Odessa, TX
Occupations Kill Squad member,
former Deputy Sheriff
Significant other formerly Charlie Andrews

Lloyd Collins was an ordinary deputy sheriff living and working in Midland-Odessa, TX, before his life was turned upside down by a mysterious outbreak of murders that eventually brought him into conflict with The Company, though in the end he agreed to become a member of the Kill Squad.

Character History

Seven Minutes to Midnight

Lloyd and Sheriff Davidson are having breakfast at the Burnt Toast Diner in Midland. They quiz their waitress, Charlie, testing her formidable memory. Later, when Charlie's body is discovered with a sliced skull, Lloyd and the sheriff question the other patrons.

Six Months Ago

Lloyd attends Charlie's birthday party.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 3

According to Company records, Lloyd Collins had never finished Seal training as family illness sent him back to Midland where he joined the local Sheriff's office. When Sylar came to town and started cutting people's heads open, Lloyd began asking one too many questions he was imprisoned in a Primatech holding cell. When that went sour, he was drugged and shipped to New York. Sean Fallon finds Lloyd in a Level 1 cell. Upon Sean's entering of his cell, Lloyd throws two full plates of food and a glass of water at him, then shouts threatening to expose the Company when he gets out. Sean gets him to listen to him, promising he could be Lloyd's ticket out of the cell if he could keep quiet for five minutes.

Lloyd joins the Kill Squad. For its first mission, the Squad takes a freighter ride through the Gulf of Mexico, and anchors off the coast of Guyana. They then fly by helicopter to a site where a local inhabitant's manifestation had left only a large crater in its wake. Lloyd and the rest of the Squad stand by as Paulette Hawkins assists Lewis in covering the crater with trees and becoming one of them himself. Lloyd then receives a radio transmission from Gael, and tells Sean that Gael is checking in for a status report. After relaying Sean's reply, Lloyd watches while Sean has Paulette shot dead, and agrees to Sean's orders that what transpired should remain a secret.

Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 3

After Connie Logan and her team of Julien clones flee their base with Sabine and the root, Lloyd and the other Kill Squad members are part of the Company's pursuit. Later, the squad fights the Julien clones after one squad member shoots Penny, Connie's daughter, dead. Another shot kills Connie, and they keep fighting the clones until all those in the vicinity are dead. Lloyd and the other squad members then follow orders to do a full sweep of the area in order to report casualties.

Graphic Novel:Red Eye, Part 1

Lloyd lies dead in the woods, with Ricardo Silva and Anna standing over his body as well as the bodies of his dead Kill Squad comrades. Anna recounts their death - Ricardo had induced an uncontrollable rage in all the Kill Squad members, and then Lloyd had started violently fighting with Sean, Joseph Gallagher, and Tom Drake. Lloyd then remembers that he has a shotgun, and pulls it out and shoots Drake in the back. As he does this Sean shoots him with his own gun, killing him.

Heroes Evolutions

Claire's MySpace

In Claire's fourth MySpace post, "Homecoming", Claire asks if anyone else has heard about the murder that happened at the Burnt Toast Diner. She says that one of the waitresses was murdered with Sheriff Davidson and Deputy Lloyd present, yet the murderer got away.

Saving Charlie

  • At the Burnt Toast Diner, Lloyd scowls at a crossword puzzle. After Charlie's murder, Lloyd gives orders, his voice "a cross between a bark and a sob, while tears trickled down his face into his mustache." (Chapter 2)
  • Lloyd attends Charlie's birthday party. At the end of the party, Lloyd interrupts Hiro and Charlie's conversation asking, "You ready to go, babe?" He picks at his ear with his pinky and tells Charlie that he has made lunch reservations at La Pendule in Odessa because he feels that "nothing is too good" for Charlie. Lloyd, who Hiro thinks is a tool, escorts Charlie out the door of the Burnt Toast Diner. (Chapter 6)
  • To Hiro, it appears that Charlie is dating "that barbarian" Lloyd. (Chapter 7)
  • Hiro believes that Lloyd is, at least occasionally, dating Charlie. Once, Lloyd was telling Herbie that it makes him feel "like an ignorant hick" when Hiro and Charlie speak Japanese to each other. When he is called "jealous", Lloyd defends himself, speaking rudely of Hiro. Charlie defends Hiro by spilling coffee in Lloyd's lap. Later, Lloyd asks Charlie to go to a baseball game with him. Charlie says she would love to go, but quickly invites Hiro, Lynette, and others. Lloyd reluctantly agrees to get tickets for everyone. (Chapter 15)
  • Charlie shows Hiro a photo of Lloyd and her at Erika's wedding last year. Hiro thinks Lloyd looks like he's in a Gap ad. (Chapter 16)
  • Lloyd comes out of the Burnt Toast Diner bathroom after all the customers have left, and does a double take when he sees Hiro. Hiro greets Lloyd, but Lloyd just punches Hiro squarely in the face. Lloyd stands over Hiro, cradling his fist, and says "That's what you get for hurting Charlie!" (Chapter 22)
  • After decking Hiro, Lloyd leaves the diner. (Chapter 23)
  • At the Midland County Fair, Lloyd, Dwayne, and Willie run into Hiro and Charlie. Lloyd teases Hiro about his black eye, and Charlie warns him to be nice. When she turns to leave, Lloyd challenges Hiro to a baseball challenge to see who can win a teddy bear for Charlie, to add to the collection Lloyd has amassed for her since they were kids. Lloyd is surprised when Hiro throws a good first pitch, and Lloyd matches Hiro's skill. Lloyd isn't quite as easygoing when Hiro throws a good second ball, but Lloyd easily throws a successful second ball. On the third one, Lloyd takes his turn first, claiming home team advantage. Lloyd misses and taunts Hiro as he takes his third throw. Hiro beats Lloyd, and Lloyd congratulates him with a (too hard) slap on the back. Cockily, he walks away telling Charlie to call him. Despite his win, all Hiro can think about is Lloyd's past relationship with Charlie. (Chapter 24)
  • Hiro is "completely absorbed" in the question of how Charlie feels about Lloyd. He works up the courage to ask Charlie about him, and she says that she and Lloyd went out a couple of times, but now they're nothing more than friends. (Chapter 25)
  • Hiro considers having Charlie arrested to keep her safe from the Brain Man, but realizes that she could convince Lloyd to let her out. Hiro believes he would do it, just to have another chance with her. (Chapter 27)
  • Hiro's mooning over Charlie drives Lloyd crazy. (Chapter 29)
  • Charlie leaves on a date with Lloyd, who has beams and triumphantly grins at Hiro in a self-satisfied manner. On the way out the door, Charlie insists that she and Lloyd are just friends. (Chapter 37)
  • When Lynette says that Charlie has never gotten close to anybody before, Hiro counters, "Except for Lloyd." Lynette assures Hiro that Lloyd doesn't have a chance with Charlie because she's already taken by Hiro. Later, Hiro says that Charlie is on a date with a moron. (Chapter 38)
  • When Charlie says she won't go to Japan, Hiro suggests that she goes with somebody else, including Lloyd. (Chapter 39)
  • Hiro teleports to the men's room at the Burnt Toast Diner, staring straight at Lloyd's crotch. Lloyd glares at him, finishes urinating, and washes his hands. (Chapter 42)
  • Hiro time travels to Erika's wedding, and he watches Lloyd dip Charlie at the end of a dance. (Chapter 45)
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Operation Bad Blood

In chapter 1 of Operation Bad Blood in the iStory, Lloyd was sent to eliminate Elle Bishop in London after the Kill Squad went rogue. However, the squad was attacked and lost a member. Lloyd got injured in the incident and has been followed to an underground medical clinic by Pinehearst agents. In the clinic, Lloyd meets and instructs a new hire, the Pinehearst contracted player, after contacting Sean Fallon to notify him that he needs to delay his flight to New York City. After the hire fetches a video file and returns, he instructs the person to clean up evidence the squad left behind in the building where they plotted to kill Elle, and leaves the clinic by taxi. When the new hire reports back to Lloyd by phone, he tells the person that the next mission will be within two weeks, and that he will be in touch.

In chapter 2 of Operation Bad Blood in the iStory, Lloyd is still unaware that his new hire, the player, is working for Pinehearst. He meets with the new hire at a crowded diner in New York City and slips a photo of the squad's next target, Maya Herrera, into the player's menu. He explains Maya is dangerous due to her poisonous ability, and needs to be stopped. He then allows the player to take a cell phone call, and when it appears to be a call from the player's girlfriend, advises the player to always do as she asks. Lloyd then informs the player he will be in touch shortly by phone, since they have someone to kill. Later, Lloyd calls the player's cell phone, and asks the player to report to Hyperion Industrial Park. He then hangs up and texts the player the address. Lloyd is standing next to the Kill Squad's leader, Sean Fallon, when the player arrives inside the designated building.

In chapter 3 of Operation Bad Blood in the iStory, Lloyd and the rest of the Kill Squad are still at Hyperion Industrial Park. Lloyd informs the player that the squad has located Maya Herrera, and notes she has an apartment in the city. When Sean decides it is time to go, Lloyd drives the squad in a van to outside Maya's apartment building. Next, Lloyd waits in the van while Sean leaves the passenger seat and directs the squad on the next part of the mission. Later, Lloyd accompanies Sean and Tom inside the building and up to Maya's apartment. Inside the apartment, they find that the player has taken down Red Eye, and then escort Red Eye outside. However, a Primatech team is waiting for them and they end up in a gunfight. Red Eye runs away and Lloyd and the Kill Squad head into a storefront close to the apartment building and escape out the back.

In chapter 5 of Operation Bad Blood in the iStory, the Pinehearst contracted player that has been working undercover in the Kill Squad gets a call from Lloyd after not being able to reach him for a few days. Lloyd tells the player that they need the player to join the squad at their training base in Alaska, explains to the player what has been going on with the Kill Squad, and provides directions to their base.

Operation Splinter

In chapter 6 of Operation Splinter in the iStory, the Primatech and Pinehearst contractors spot Kill Squad members in wetsuits placing explosive packs on the water intake of the Rowland dam. Later, Red Eye spots and points out to the two contractors that the Kill Squad leaders, Lloyd, Sean, Thomas, and Joseph, are getting out of wetsuits and into the truck at the far end. After making it to the river bank, one of the Kill Squad leaders spots Red Eye so they crouch around a sniper rifle and take shots at Red Eye. One of them shoots Red Eye dead through the heart, then they take off again in their truck.


  • The name on Lloyd's nametag in Seven Minutes to Midnight is "Jones".
  • According to Saving Charlie, Lloyd has bushy sideburns that "threatened to take over his face". He also has a mustache. (Chapter 2)
  • Lloyd spent 28 weeks at the academy in Odessa, scored better than a 70 on every test, and had tear gas shot in his eyes without flinching. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 15)
  • The above iStory character history depicts the most optimal events from the perspective of the iStory player. As per graphic novels Red Eye, Part 1 and Part 2, Red Eye doesn't die and instead gets captured by the Kill Squad along with Anna. For the cases where that occurs and the other possibilities/outcomes for the final chapter, see Operation Splinter/chapter 106 alternatives.
  • Lloyd says he was a three-time all-American pitcher in high school. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 24)

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