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Eric Thompson, Jr.

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Eric Thompson, Jr.
First appearance Donna's Big Date, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability None
Aliases Thompson, Jr.
Nickname Lover Boy
Occupation Agent of the Company
Significant others Donna Dunlap (deceased),
formerly Penny Logan (deceased)
Parents Eric Thompson, Sr. (deceased)

Eric Thompson, Jr., also known simply as "Thompson, Jr.," was a human agent of the Company, and the son of one of its officials, Eric Thompson, Sr..

Character History

Graphic Novel:Donna's Big Date, Part 1

Donna meets "Blake" through an online dating service. Donna cuts their date short when the mysterious evsdropr tells her that Blake is a killer. Afterwards, while spying on Donna from across the street with night vision goggles, Blake is shot by Donna while his partner Elle watches. Later, Elle tells Donna that Blake is not really his name, but that he is the son of Mr. Thompson and is a Company agent.

Graphic Novel:Career Choices

Thompson, Jr. is reading Donna's file when she breaks into the Company file room. After complementing her on breaking into a restricted area on her fourth day on the job, he tells Donna that he is doing research as he thinks she is to be his partner on the next day's mission. He is corrected by Donna, who is seeking the answer to why she has been taken off active duty. Thompson, Jr. tells Donna he doesn't know why, but then spots something in Donna's file. He tries but fails to stop Donna from seeing a photo of a painting that shows Donna dead. Thompson, Jr. explains that the photo is real, that it's a painting of the future seen by Isaac Mendez, and that the Company must be trying to protect her by taking her off all missions.

Graphic Novel:Trust Issues, Part 1

Thompson, Jr. accompanies Gael Cruz and Devin in tracking down an evolved human agent named Cushing, who is suspected for murder. They follow him to an industrial building and find him standing in front of Jamie Wu's dead body. Thompson, Jr. follows Cushing when he flees, and spars with him. Thompson, Jr. drops his gun when Cushing hits him in the stomach with a pipe. The sparring is ended when Devin shoots Cushing just before he can kill Thompson, Jr. with his ability. Thompson, Jr. then tells Devin that he should not have killed Cushing.

Later, Thompson, Jr. realizes, from Cushing's last words and flowers sent to Thompson, Jr. by evsdropr, that evsdropr had set them up and tricked them into killing Cushing.

Two weeks later, when Thompson, Jr. is in a Company file room reading information on his new partner, Donna Dunlap; Donna interrupts him and snatches the file from him.

Graphic Novel:Trust Issues, Part 2

Thompson, Jr. takes Donna to see Noah Bennet and informs her Noah killed his father. Later, Thompson, Jr. stands by as Donna questions the doctor who autopsies Cushing's dead body. When Donna confronts him with a bagged bullet, saying it is evidence that it was his gun that killed Cushing, Thompson, Jr. pulls out his own bagged bullet and explains to Donna how evsdropr tricked him and two other agents into murder, and he gets Donna placed back on active duty as his partner.

Graphic Novel:Faces, Part 1

Thompson is hit on by one of his colleagues; Penny Logan, after her return from a successful mission. Secretly, Penny considers Thompson "a hottie", but is oblivious to having previously worked with her, more interested in Penny's mother; Connie. Thompson is surprised that Penny is Connie's daughter.

Much later, Thompson stops by Primatech's bar, and notices a new, more beautiful, face at the counter. Thompson is immediately taken and offers to buy her a drink, completely unaware it is actually Penny; whose face appeared different due to the lingering effects of her mother's ability. Thompson and Penny end up drinking one too many, and they end up going to a motel and having sex. The next morning, Penny, reverted to normal, wakes up in bed with Thompson.

Graphic Novel:Faces, Part 2

Thompson, Jr. awakens alone in bed, and heads to Primatech Research where he joins Penny in the firing range. Remembering Penny's name, but does not realizing she was the one he had slept with the night before, he tells her to say hi to her mom for him. After Thompson, Jr. has left, Connie arrives and tells her she noticed that Penny and Thompson, Jr. are both glowing.

Thompson, Jr. is in a Company work room when a colleague of his, who was also at the same Company watering hole the night before, arrives. When, without asking, the colleague matches the girl's appearance to that of the teleporter's girlfriend, a known accomplice, he races off to find her.

Thompson, Jr. arrives at Manuel Garcia's home to find the door blocked by Penny, who is again looking like the girlfriend. Still not realizing whom she is, Thompson, Jr. is surprised when the girlfriend also arrives at the home and ushers the two women inside at gunpoint. After Penny explains the situation to Thompson, Jr., he calls for Connie and the Haitian. He watches as Connie changes Penny's appearance and the Haitian erases the girlfriend's memories. After everyone else has left, Thompson, Jr. is asked by Penny if he is upset with her. He denies it, commenting that the previous night was one of the best he ever had and that he thinks it would be great if she could go out with him as someone new every night.

Graphic Novel:Root and Branch, Part 1

Outside an Antarctic base, Donna and Thompson, Jr. prepare to participate in a coordinated bag and tag operation and radio in when they are ready. When "Julien" gives the word to go, Thompson, Jr. kicks down the door, using Donna for support. He then fires a taser at their target, incapacitating him.

Graphic Novel:Root and Branch, Part 3

Thompson, Jr. and his partner, Donna, give chase to Sabine and the root Julien in Primatech Research. They arrive together at the Company parking garage, and mistakenly shoot at a decoy clone while Sabine and Julien escape the building in an SUV. Thompson, Jr. then drives himself and partner after them by car. He eventually gets Donna close enough to aim for a tire on the fleeing SUV and shoot it, sending Julien and Sabine off the edge of a bridge that crosses the Bronx River.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 1

Thompson, Jr. and his partner, Donna, track down a Company target to bag and tag him, with the help of a Company support team. Seeing high levels of rare plant growth, Thompson, Jr. suspects the culprit to be an evolved human by the name of Lewis. He also adds that the Company has captured Lewis previously, and his father suspected his ability might mutate. Thompson, Jr. instructs Fallon, leader of the support team, to safeguard their extraction point, adding that they should not interact with any vegetation. Now away from Donna and Thompson, Jr., Drake refers to the two as "just a couple of kids who don't know what's what." Seeing a sudden explosion, the team rush to Thompson., Jr. and Donna's extraction point, where the two lie motionless on the floor, with Lewis standing over them.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 2

Tom Drake reports to Sean Fallon that Thompson, Jr. looks alright.

Graphic Novel:Hindsight

Thompson, Jr. and Donna investigate Sabine's crashed car. Later, they return to Primatech Research.

Later, Thompson, Jr. watches with Bianca as Gael interrogates Donna about her connections with Evs Dropper. When Bianca says Donna couldn't have gotten in to the file room, Thompson, Jr. mentions that he actually saw Donna in the file room.

Later, when Gael's racist comments regarding evolved humans spark a feud between humans and evolved humans, Thompson sides with the humans.

Graphic Novel:Foresight

Thompson effectively ends the feud by opening a gas canister, rendering everyone but Bianca unconscious. When he comes to, Bianca tells him that she sent Donna to a motel and he goes there to check on Donna and convince her not to leave. Donna tells him that the only way she can stay with the Company is to clear her name and turn in Evs Dropper. After a thud in the bathroom, Thompson tells Donna that she received a text message from Evs, telling her where to be found. Thompson drives them to a cabin in the middle of the woods and is ordered to call Gael when Donna sees who Evs is.

Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 1

Keeping watch outside Evs Dropper's cabin, Thompson calls Gael and tells him about the army of clones inside. When he gets off the phone, he tells Donna that in thirty minutes the area is going to be a war zone.

Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 2

Thompson, Jr. and Donna meet Gael and Bianca in front of Evs Dropper's cabin. Then, Thompson, Jr. orders the squad members to raid the cabin. He then reports fresh tire tracks leading into the woods, and Gael orders him to take out Logan and the clones. When the caravan comes to a halt, Thompson, Jr., Donna, and the other Company agents exit their vans to confront the clone interception. After the clones begin using explosive weaponry, Thompson and Donna head off the road into the woods to find Connie.

Thompson, Jr. follows Donna towards Connie and the Julien clones. Thompson, Jr. shoots one of the clones, but Connie and the other clones get the jump on them and they end up all pointing guns at Thompson. Then, Thompson, Jr. is pistol-whipped in the face and he falls to the ground on his knees. He asks, "Are you insane?" Donna, pointing her gun at Thompson, replies, "You have no idea."

Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 3

At Donna's mercy, Thompson tries to implore Donna that she doesn't have to kill him, only to find out "Donna" was really Penny in disguise, and replaced Donna back at the motel room several hours before by ambushing and knocking her out, and then taking her place. Thompson demands to know where the real Donna is, and is horrified to find she is actually on a nearby bridge, tied up and attached to a large stack of primed explosives.

Penny, vengeful and bitter towards Thompson for seducing and having sex with her that night, wants to kill him, and is poised to with her gun at his head, only for the Kill Squad to finally arrive; one of their bullets blowing Penny's head off, killing her. Thompson is given cover fire by the Kill Squad, and he is able to break free of the two clones holding him (when one is shot and Thompson punches out another).

Despite Fallon's protests for him to stay, Thompson races off towards the bridge, using a radio to request for backup on the bridge, a request denied by Gael as "the package" had been secured. Gael leaves him to "make his own mistakes", and Thompson's backup team is killed. Unaware of all this, Thompson finally reaches the bridge, but only 20 seconds remain before detonation. Noticing Donna's feet are nailed through a wooden board to the ground, Thompson still refuses to let her die there. Just as Thompson tries to express his love for her, Donna pushes him off the bridge, expressing her love for him just as the bridge explodes, with Thompson falling into the river below, screaming her name all the way.

After the Kill Squad finishes their battle, they tell Gael they didn't know where Thompson is, and are ordered to look for him. At this time, Thompson emerged from the river, alive.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 4

A shadowy figure goes to the rooftop of Building 26 and sets up a rifle. After taking aim at Micah, the figure fires.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 5

After shooting Micah with a tranquilizer, Eric wakes him up, explaining what has been done to him. Pointing a gun at Micah, Eric starts to explain how he knows what Micah is trying to do and who he's working with, and that he wants him to search for a woman who used to work for the Company, Sabine Hazel. Micah keeps his silence for a moment, and then claims that he knows everything about Eric, calling him a killer just like his father, and citing the incident at Evs Dropper's cabin, which cost the life of many of his co-workers, including Donna Dunlap, and that he wants to find Sabine to kill her baby. Eric explains that the baby might grow up to be someone dangerous someday, but Micah won't budge. Eric tells him that he's not the one in control, but Micah retorts this by saying that he's been reprogramming a nearby crane, which proceeds to lunge for Eric. Angrily emerging from the debris, Thompson attempts to kill Micah with an automatic rifle, but is interrupted by West, Abigail and Sparrow, who use their abilities to subdue Thompson. Micah then informs him that he's on the country's top ten wanted lists, and he flees from the scene.

Heroes Evolutions

evsdropr posted the transcript of a chat between Blake and Donna Dunlap in which they flirt, arrange a date at Samsher's Palace, and Blake sends a picture of himself.

Operation Splinter

In chapter 4 of Operation Splinter in the iStory, in Ricardo Silva's apartment, a man arrives behind the Primatech contracted player and hears that Jeremy Woo hired the player as a contractor to help him. He also learns the player has crossed paths with Red Eye. The man next asks what the player would have done if he were Red Eye, and when the player replies that the player would order him to surrender, he complements the player on understanding Ricardo Silva and admits he too had met Ricardo once.

Next, the man opens a leather-bound notebook and reads as he instructs the player to search the desk and file cabinet. After the player completes doing so and learns the extent of Red Eye's involvement with the Kill Squad, the man admits he had already begun searching the room and the player has now caught up with him. Together, the player and this man then search the apartment and find a closet contains two dead bodies in plastic garbage bags. The man then explains that the Kill Squad was keeping Ricardo's family hostage and killed them when he stopped being useful--probably when he manifested and was put in Level 5, the man suggests.

Then, the man gives the leather notebook to the player, says it is Red Eye's personal journal, and asks the player to take it and keep it safe. The agent then opens the apartment door and prepares to leave. But before he leaves, he tells the player he doesn't expect they will meet again, but the player can call him Eric.

Faction Zero

In chapter 4 of Faction Zero, Micah tells Claire and Rachel that Thompson, Jr. is the one hunting Sabine Hazel and her baby.

In chapter 5 of Faction Zero, Rebel arrives in Costa Verde to hunt down Thompson, Jr. When they go after him, all they find is a row of parked vans, one of which is covered in blood, with the remains of a shreded jacket inside. Abigail remarks this is how Thompson would have set it up, but they realize that it is over for now.


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