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Skanky guy

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Skanky guy
Skanky guy.jpg
Portrayed by Jason Foster
First appearance Four Months Ago...
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Unknown
Home Los Angeles, CA

A skanky guy dances with Niki's alter ego in Los Angeles. After a brief fist fight with D.L. he then returns to shoot him.

Character History

Four Months Ago...

At a nightclub in Los Angeles, Gina dances with a man. D.L. shows up, and rudely silences the man, and Gina reverts to Niki. The skanky guy then tries to punch D.L in the head, but fails as D.L. allows the punch to phase through him. When D.L. takes Niki away and leaves the nightclub, the man pulls out a gun and kills D.L by shooting him in the chest at close range.

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