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Season: Three
Episode number: 323
First aired: April 13, 2009
Unaired episode.jpg
Written by: Aron Eli Coleite
Directed by: Adam Kane
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This article contains archived spoilers about 1961. See the main article to see how they panned out. For general spoilers about upcoming episodes, see Spoiler:Heroes.

NBC Blurb

The haunting secrets of Angela Petrelli's past can't stay buried forever – As Nathan (Adrian Pasdar), Claire (Hayden Panettiere), Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) and H.R.G. (Jack Coleman) help Angela (Cristine Rose) uncover her past, she reveals the dark secrets that have haunted her for years. Meanwhile, Mohinder (Sendhil Ramamurthy) learns of his father’s involvement in a long forgotten government operation. Diana Scarwid, Alexa Nikolas, Laura Marano, Ravi Kapoor, Casey Kringlen, H. Michael Croner and Edwin Hodge guest star.

Published Spoilers

Fan Theories

  • Angela will display the events of the past through the medium of dance.
    • She is way too old for smooth moves.
  • We will learn Kaito Nakamura's ability.
  • We will learn Charles Deveaux's ability.
  • We will see how Arthur got telepathy, mental manipulation and how the Company was formed.
  • We will learn that Chandra Suresh had an ability, maybe a synthetic one.
  • Chandra was involved in the Company's actions, but had his memory about them erased by Arthur. That's why he had to start over with his own research in Volume One.
  • We will learn that Chandra did experiments on children in the past, trying to give them abilities.
    • We will learn that he gave Angela, Alice and the other company founders their abilities.
  • Alice's powers went out of control and she destroyed the place and everyone there.
  • Alice's power will be highly destructive in a way reminiscent of Matt Parkman's paintings.
  • There will be a flashback of 1977, when Alice used her ability to save Miami by turning a tidal wave into snowfall.
  • We will find out what happened to Angela and Alice when they were young.
  • Angela and Arthur will first meet and fall in love, then marry three years later.
  • We will see flashbacks to 1961 when the Company founders meet each other.
  • We will see a flashback of Samson Gray and Angela Petrelli meeting each other.
  • We will learn more about Adam.
    • We will learn Claire is related to Adam.
  • We will learn of all the Company's founders' abilities.
    • We will see the founders' abilities manifest.
  • We will see how the catalyst was formed.
  • We will learn why Ishi Nakamura was sick in Our Father.
    • An unknown hero made Ishi sick.
    • The catalyst made Ishi sick.
    • Hiro, with his restored power, may attempt revenge.
  • Flashbacks will reveal the identities of Tracy, Niki and Barbara's parents, possibly Susan Amman and Harry Fletcher.
  • This episode will be self contained origins stories of the elders when they first manifested or had pivotal moments in their lives of power. They will not join forces in this episode to "save the world" - that will be fifteen years later.
  • This episode will be viewed courtesy of a spirit walk through the glazed over eyes of Matt or Hiro.
    • This episode will be viewed through Hiro's eyes after the return or super-charging of his power.
    • The episode will show us past information to fill in current time loose ends, similar to episodes like "Four Months Ago...", "Six Months Ago" and "Villains".
  • Matt Parkman Jr. will re-activate Peter's empathic mimicry and/or Hiro's space-time manipulation completely.
  • Ando will re-activate Peter's and/or Hiro's power or this will happen when he amplifies Matt Parkman Jr.'s ability.
  • We will find out that Coyote Sands was like a concentration camp for people with abilities.
    • We will find that the Government has tried to capture evolved people before, and it didn't work. The Company was formed by people with powers (picked by the Government or gathered together to propose this idea to the Government) to handle it for them as the Government failed horribly. After that the Government had no affiliation with the Company except letting its operatives work without being considered outlaws.
  • We will find out that Coyote Sands was the first (or an earlier) incarnation of Primatech Paper.
    • The Coyote Sands Reservation Center was established by the government as a safe haven for evolved humans. Researchers were employed to study them, including Chandra Suresh and Dr. Zimmerman. The government eventually concluded they were too dangerous and uncontrollable, so they were massacred and the site was abandoned.
  • The remains of the people buried at Coyote Sands are people murdered by young Angela, Bob, Charles, Zimmerman and Linderman.
  • The episode will end with Tracy waking up in the drain after reforming out of the ice from her cold snap.