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Portrayed by Laura Vandervoort
First appearance Finally Found
In-story stats
Known ability X-ray vision
Home New York City, NY
Parent Emma Olsen


Character History

Finally Found

Nadia was in her home went her mom call her and say that KVAT need her help.

Later Nadia appear in Emma house and have Rachel phone . Rachel ask some question about phone and Nadia say to her that phone have special ability.

Later she speak in Marc office and Marc say that it's really strange to my Nadia after 7 years . Nadia look in Marc and say that she help KVAT . But that Marc say that he can read Nadia minds and hear that she want know about all KVAT projects but that Marc say that Nadia never find out about all projects . But Nadia say that they will see if Marc say true or not because she are ready to kill anybody who make do hard find about all KVAT projects .


Nadia knock in David house door and went David open he ask who she it's and Nadia say that she are good friend with Marc Velson . David look in her and ask did she are member of the KVAT but Nadia say that she not and David ask why did she came to his house and Nadia say that they can't trust KVAT . David ask why and Nadia say that she just know all about KVAT.

Coming soon

Evolved Human Abilities


  • Nadia orginally was planet to by main character but writter don't want that new main character appearance in middle of season 1 that she will by recurring character and appearance in all episodes from start with her appearance in 10 episodes and finish in 22 episode.
  • She will by main villains in Season 1.
  • She was planed appear in all episodes from 10 to 22 . But she does not appear in 12 and maybe it's rumors but she does not appear in 18 and 21 episode . It also was explain that she make 9 episodes of 13 orginally planed her appearances.
  • So far he don't have main plot like others recurring characters have.

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