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Finally Found
Season: One
Episode number: 10
First aired: December 23, 2010
File:Finally Found.jpg
Written by: Adamhiro
Previous episode: Escape from Past
Next episode: Secret


  • Paulo awake in alternate world and meet with her alternate version.
  • Oscar discover that KVAT members have plans from the Ruby
  • New girl Nadia show that she are important that others of the KVAT members.


Alexandra and Julia was still in shop along with baby Noah . Alexandra look in the Julia and ask how they return in they time . Julia answer that they have visit Julia mother . Alexandra ask what it's important about Julia mother . That Julia answer that her mother give ability control time and that Alexandra say time visit your mom.

Rachel was with Emma . That Emma ask why did Rachel here . Rachel answer that KVAT send her find Emma . That Emma smiled and say KVAT and ask what KVAT need for her . That Rachel say that KVAT need help with Room 45 . That Emma say that she can't help with KVAT but her daughter Nadia can help . That Rachel ask when Nadia live and Emma say that she call Nadia . Rachel look in Emma who start calling sombody with her cell phone.

Women watch Tv and that her phone start ring . She answer that voice say ,, Nadia Kvat need you help ,, . That Nadia ask what help need from her and Emma voice say ,,Help for Room 45,,.

Oscar return in his home . His son Max was with Max nanny Amanda . Amanda look in the Oscar and ask where he was . Oscar answer that he just make three days holidays of the town . That Amanda ask where Theresa are . Oscar look in Amanda and say leave . Amanda look angry in the Oscar and ask where Theresa but that Oscar face turn angry and he start scream leave . Amanda look in Oscar and say that she live ant she open door and went away from Oscar house.

Paulo open his eyes he saw that he was lying on the street . He look around and ask what happen . That voice came from nowhere and say that it was KVAT . Paulo ask who are KVAT and voice say that organitation in orginal world . That Paulo turn around and see alternate version of Theresa who smile to him . That Paulo ask how Theresa got here and Theresa say that she are one of six people who know about orginal world . That Paulo ask what Theresa mean orginal world and Theresa say that this world are alternate world.

Rachel was with Emma . That Rachel ask Emma why did she help KVAT . Emma answer that before three months her daughter discover ability . Rachel ask did Emma know who are Anna Harrington and Emma say that she have hear about Anna but she never have meet with her and that Emma ask why did she ask for Anna and Rachel say it's her secret . That sombody knock in door . Emma open and there is Nadia . Who look in Emma and show red phone . That Rachel ask why did she show phone and Nadia answer that phone are special . Rachel ask why did phone can by special and Nadia answer that phone give special ability.

Oscar was in his home with his son Max . That Max ask why where mom . Oscar say that mom don't return in home . Max ask why . Oscar look in Max and say that he don't understand but that sombody knock in door . Oscar open and there stand Ruby . Oscar ask what Ruby do here and Ruby say that two womens try kill her and that women stole building project.

Alexandra was with Julia and Noah and that show Ms. Anderson she look that them and thanks that they watch Noah . That she walk away with Noah .

Alternate world Paulo was in Theresa car . She look in Paulo and say that they have meet with one version . Paulo ask what the person is Theresa say that he see . But that Theresa phone answer and that voice came . Theresa ask Vilson did you find where Alexandra and Julia . voice answer yep and say that they are 13 years in past . That Theresa say to Vilson that he must find way back in past or they plans don't work.

Orginal world Oscar was with Ruby . Ruby ask what happen Theresa . Oscar answer that they broke up because Theresa join in KVAT . Ruby say that she never find out who KVAT are but know what are feeling broke up with some people what she love . That Oscar say that now he have other mission . Return building plans.

Nadia was in Marc office . Marc say that it's really strange to my Nadia after 7 years . Nadia look in Marc and say that she help KVAT . But that Marc say that he can read Nadia minds and hear that she want know about all KVAT projects but that Marc say that Nadia never find out about all projects . But Nadia say that they will see if Marc say true or not because she are ready to kill anybody who make do hard find about all KVAT projects .

Alternate Theresa stop in strange place . That Theresa and Paulo get way from car and Theresa say that they are came were they wait meeting . Paulo say that this place are empty . But man show from dark and look in Paulo . Paulo look in man who look like Paulo and say that he are alternate version of Paulo.

Memorable Quotes

"I kill everyone to find about all KVAT projects."

- Nadia (to Marc)

"Why need meet with one persion."

"What it is."

"You see."

- Theresa, Paulo

Character Appearances


Episodes edit
Season One

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