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Paulo Smith
Portrayed by Jon Gries
First appearance New world
In-story stats
Home New York City, NY
Occupation Scientist
Significant other Alexandra Smith

Paulo Smith

Character History

New world

He is at his labwith my colleague Melissa Page.When Melissa asked him how lucky you find people with ability.He says that it is very bad and she asked how his wife's ability.His said that his wife just may sense people pain.

Later, he goes through the streets.But suddenly a man run to him.And reported back that the man's name Marc Velson and that he is a man looking for Paulo.


Paulo was Marc home.They talked.When Paulo why he is here.Marc said that he has list of people with special abilities.Paulo said that Marc has to show that list When Marc showed list.Paulo smiled.Paul was returning to his home.He looked on the list.

Paulo was in his car and he looked down the list first name there was Max Anderson.Later, he ring to Max room door.


Paulo was Max room.When he asked what Max ability.Max said that he could frozen items and burn fire with hands.Paulo was surprised.

Playing with fire

Paulo returned to his home.He greeted with his wife and her friend.Then he went into the kitchen.Take out a penciland wrote to his wife's name to the listBut when his wife came in and asked what he is doing.He said that nothing and hid the list.When his wife asked what is here.He said a new beginning.


Paulo was in his home with Alexandra.When she asked what that new beginning.Paulo said that she will learn later.And left the room.We walked outside.He looked at the list.Other name out there was Theresa Thompson.

Room 45

Paulo appearance in hospital were Theres work and ask one of nurse where Theresa is . Nurse show where Theresa office . Paulo thanks her and start go to Theresa office.

Did You Know

Paulo walk away from hospital . Nurse look in him and ask did he find Theresa . Paulo answer that he find Theresa but Theresa don't walk talk with him . That Paulo start go in street but that flashlight appearance from nowhere and Paulo disappear in light .

Finally Found


  • Out of all main characters Paulo has meet Alexandra , Max , Marc , Theresa(both versions)
  • He still don't have meet Oscar , Rachel , David , Sarah , Robert.
  • He along with David and Alexandra are only main characters who don't was members of KVAT.
  • Paulo is only one main character who don't know about KVAT.

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