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The seventh episode of the new season of Chronicles, entitled "Train 192" has been released.
The new installment of Side Stories entitled: Love Story, Part 3 will be released shortly.

Season One of Chronicles revolves around several agents of The Company working together to capture the recently escaped prisoners from Level 5. As the season progresses, the agents become friends and band together to stop the most powerful and the most dangerous escapee. Season One began airing on the 14th of June and finished airing on the 22nd of July. It had a brief preview of the next Season, Hunted, in which the government started rounding up evolved humans.


Release Date: June 14th, 2009
Joshua Lincoln is targeted by a strange group of people who know about his dark secret. The Seer and his team are unable to catch the elusive Joshua, whose ability takes them all by surprise. After being captured by the strange "Company", Joshua witnesses the outbreak of the Level 5 prisoners and is told that he has a great future ahead of him.
Welcome To Primatech
Release Date: June 16th, 2009
Joshua is trained by Tina Bui, one of The Company's best agents, and makes friends with fellow recruit Ethan Campbell. Meanwhile, Angela Petrelli seeks Jordan's advice about what to do with Sylar. As Joshua wanders through the Company's hall, he finds Jordan's partner, Tyson Russel. Tyson tries to explain that the Company is good but Joshua is unsure. Elsewhere, two escapees draw Angela's attention.
Release Date: June 22nd, 2009
Joshua Lincoln teams up with Tyson, Tina and Ethan to bring in two very dangerous individuals. In Central Park, Vickie Palamino begins to have doubts about her partner's plan, but finds herself being forced into helping him. Joshua breaks protocol when Vickie asks for his help and teams up with the escaped criminal in order to defeat their common foe, Nicholas. Meanwhile, Angela enlists Jordan's help for a special project.
Release Date: June 29th, 2009
Jordan infiltrates the mysterious new Company known as Pinehearst and is introduced to Lois Freeman, a woman who was driven to Pinehearst after her ability manifested. Meanwhile, Joshua and his new partner attempt to capture Ricardo Silva but encounter some roadbumps after his hostage helps him escape. Tina discovers Angela's plans for Jordan and Pinehearst learns of Jordan's mission.
After Apocalypse
Release Date: July 4th, 2009
Lois and Maury subject Jordan to brutal torture and induce visions of the future. In the year 2011, everyone has abilities and Primatech has become inferior to Pinehearst. Sylar returns and murders Angela Petrelli while Meredith Gordon and Tina try to stop Pinehearst once and for all. After learning how Pinehearst is destroyed, Maury and Lois leave Jordan to slowly die.
Release Date: July 9th, 2009
Tyson leads Ethan, Elisa and Tom to Pinehearst to rescue Jordan. Lois has a change of heart and helps Jordan escape while Tina learns that Joshua and Alan have been sent after the most dangerous escapee. In the midst of the chaos in Pinehearst, Lois betrays Jordan and an eclipse covers the world, removing the powers of everyone.
Fallen Angel
Release Date: July 16th, 2009
Joshua fears for his life when Emily Rose holds him hostage but when her powers disappear she and Joshua connect on a level he never expected. Meanwhile, Tyson steps into the spotlight at Pinehearst and saves his now powerless comrades. Emily remembers her horrible time on Level 5 and confides a secret in Joshua, revealing that she wants to die. Tina tries desperately to reach Joshua in time as the eclipse slowly but surely begins to end. When its shadow disappears, Emily's power returns and her uncontrollable anger emerges.
Release Date: July 22nd, 2009
Emily's power returns and she begins her brutal attack on Joshua. Tyson, Tina, Jordan, Elisa and Ethan arrive in the hopes of stopping Emily but she proves to be too powerful for them. After killing Ethan, Emily tries to murder the rest of the agents. Much to Joshua's horror, Tina and Tyson both try to kill Emily rather than capture her. In the end, their attempts fail as Emily destroys herself in order to end her suffering.
Roads Ahead
Release Date: JuLY 22nd, 2009
The Company Agents deal with the aftermath of Emily's destruction and Ethan's death. Each agent has their own opinion and as a fight is about to occur Jordan gives them all a grim warning of the future. They return to Primatech, only to find it burned to the ground. Angela fires her loyal agents and they find themselves unsure of where to go with their lives. Elisa and Tina return to their home countries and Tyson tries to find out about his future from Jordan.

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