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Active Abilities --
Passive Abilities --

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All of the abilities shown in Heroes can be classified into two types: those that are active, meaning the user has to make a decision to use his/her ability or not at a given time, and those that are passive, meaning the mechanism that makes the ability work is constantly active and the possessor cannot choose not to use his/her ability.

Active Abilities

The following abilities are active in nature. The users of these abilities can decide whether to use their particular ability or not. The users of some of these abilities also have control over the manner in which they use the ability, for example how much electricity to apply or what ability to replicate.


Power Former Users Current Users
Age transferal None Leona Mills
The ability to transfer the aging and life force to and from an object and make the user younger or older
Constriction None The Constrictor
The ability to mimic the attributes of a constricting snake, including squeezing extra-tightly with one's body, numbing with one's touch and gender


Water mimicry None "Liquid man",
Donald Essex
The ability to mimic water


Power Former Users Current Users
Primal rage None Ricardo Silva
The ability to induce an uncontrollable rage in others


Power Former Users Current Users
Accelerated probability None Santiago,
The ability to predict the probability of a certain event correctly and accelerate one's self to achieve those predictions
Teleportation Manuel Garcia Rachel Mills
The ability to instantly move between two locations

Passive Abilities

The following abilities are passive in nature. The users of these abilities cannot choose not to use their particular ability because the mechanism responsible for the ability cannot be turned off (or at the very least have not yet learned to turn said mechanism off). For example, Regenerators like Claire cannot choose to leave their wounds open and gaping, their body automatically and very quickly heals the wound independent of any thinking on the regenerator's part.


Power Former Users Current Users
Acidic blood Mary Krause None
The ability to have acidic blood


Power Former Users Current Users
David's ability David Sullivan (synthetic) None
The ability to growl and charge at others viciously

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