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All of the abilities shown in Heroes can be classified into two types: those that are active, meaning the user has to make a decision to use his/her ability or not at a given time, and those that are passive, meaning the mechanism that makes the ability work is constantly active and the possessor cannot choose not to use his/her ability.

Active Abilities

The following abilities are active in nature. The users of these abilities can decide whether to use their particular ability or not. The users of some of these abilities also have control over the manner in which they use the ability, for example how much electricity to apply or what ability to replicate.

To Acquire Abilities

Power Former Users Current Users
Aura absorption None Linda Tavara
The ability to see auras and take the lives and powers of others


Power Former Users Current Users
Acid secretion None Leonard Cushing
The ability to generate highly corrosive fluids
Bone spike protrusion None Perrin Crocker
The ability to create bone spikes that protrude from one's body
Chlorine gas exudation None Tina Ramierez
The ability to exhale chlorine gas instead of carbon dioxide
Cloning None Julien Dumont,
The ability to vegetatively replicate oneself and produce identical clones
Elasticity None Piper
The ability to to stretch, deform, expand, and contract one's body
Plant growth None Au Co
The ability to accelerate plant growth
Plant manipulation None Brendan Lewis
The ability to mimic and create plants and other vegetation
Oil secretion None Howie Kaplan
The ability to secrete oil from one's hands


Power Former Users Current Users
Light absorption None Abe
The ability to absorb light


Power Former Users Current Users
Electrical absorption Benjamin Franklin Teenage patient
The ability to absorb and subsequently release electrical energy
Laser emission Michael None
The ability to generate a beam of coherent light
Luminescence Howard Grigsby None
The ability to emit light from one's body


Power Former Users Current Users
Age shifting The Russian None
The ability to change one's own age
Dehydration Rollo Fusor's accomplice None
The ability to remove the water contained in objects or people by force of will
Levitation Abu Aswan,
Khufu and his kin
The ability to levitate and move extremely heavy objects
Neurocognitive deficit None Anna Korolenko
The ability to shut down the upper brain functions of surrounding individuals


Power Former Users Current Users
Appearance alteration Connie Logan None
The ability to change the skin, hair, and vocal cords of another person
Crumpling None Marcus
The ability to crumple and deform objects
Disintegration touch None Felicia Brooks
Felicia's name for her evolved ability
Forcefields None Abigail
The ability to create and manipulate forcefields
Future terrorist's ability Future terrorist None
The ability to shoot a concentrated flow of green energy or liquid from the hand
Gordon's ability Gordon Hovey None
The ability to turn things into sand.
Imprinting Joe Macon Sylar
The ability to mentally imprint marks onto surfaces
Telescopic vision Donna Dunlap None
The ability to see clearly in darkness and magnify vision to various levels

Passive Abilities

The following abilities are passive in nature. The users of these abilities cannot choose not to use their particular ability because the mechanism responsible for the ability cannot be turned off (or at the very least have not yet learned to turn said mechanism off). For example, Regenerators like Claire cannot choose to leave their wounds open and gaping, their body automatically and very quickly heals the wound independent of any thinking on the regenerator's part.


Power Former Users Current Users
Bliss and horror Guillame None
The ability to bring about feelings of bliss and horror in others
Mediumship Ida May Walker Linda Tavara
The ability to view the spirits of the deceased
Nerve gas emission Manhattan target None
The ability to emit nerve gas when sweating


Power Former Users Current Users
Lung adaptation Bianca Karina None
The ability to adapt one's lungs to any environment
Sound absorption None Agent
The ability to absorb and nullify sound waves
Wall crawling None Harmon
The ability to crawl up walls effortlessly


Power Former Users Current Users
Omnilingualism None Traveler
The ability to automatically understand all verbal and non-verbal communication

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