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Micah Sanders
Portrayed by Michael Ealy (33),
Noah Gray-Cabey (15)
First appearance The Lives We Live
In-story stats
Known ability Technopathy
Age 33 (in 2029),
15 (in 2011)
Date of birth December 5, 1995
Place of birth Las Vegas, NV
Home New York, NY,
formerly New Orleans, LA,
formerly Las Vegas, NV
Occupation Technology Head for Primatech Hartsdale
Parents Niki Sanders (deceased),
D.L. Hawkins (deceased)
Grandparents Maternal Grandparents:
Hal Sanders (deceased),
Kelly Sullivan (deceased)
Paternal Grandparents:
Paulette Hawkins (deceased),
George Hawkins (deceased)
Guardian Pauline Dawson (deceased)
Other relatives Great-aunt:
Pauline Dawson (deceased)
Jessica Sanders (deceased),
Deborah Ashford Dawson (deceased),
Tracy Petrelli
Barbara Zimmerman
Monica Dawson,
Damon Dawson

Micah Sanders, is a version of Micah Sanders in The World Entire universe. He is a Special.

Character History

Micah is a college student.

Volume One:Cataclysm

In 2011, Tracy Petrelli visits Micah at MIT. Micah is happy to see her and comments on the fact that her sun glasses are gone. When asked about St. Joan, Micah claims that he believes she is a hero. Tracy discourages this and asks Micah about Monica. He tells her that she is having fun at college. As the conversation continues, Micah accidentally calls Tracy "Mon" but she understands. After receiving a call Tracy has to leave. Micah hugs her and Tracy notes how big he is getting. After she leaves, Micah returns to his laptop and says "Time to save the world."

Micah later shows up at Mohinder's laboratory. Finding known terrorist Peter Petrelli attacking who he thinks is his Aunt Tracy, he fights back. However, the distraction is just what Peter needs to knock out Barbara. He then tries to save Molly from a monstrous human, only to be set straight later on. He then volunteers the use of his robot, which has the ability to build a replica of itself from scrap metal and computer parts. He suggests that the robot use an aerosol attachment to release the Antidote like a crop duster. Micah develops a crush on Molly, but it is entirely unrequited. He subtly hints to Molly's father that he likes her, and Matt in return hints that he finds Micah to be a suitable partner for his daughter.

The plan succeeds, but it makes him partially responsible for the Epidemic, for which he is pardoned due to being a minor.

After spending the night on the Parkmans' couch, he makes a trip to New Orleans to visit his cousin before returning to MIT.

Volume Two: Progeny

In 2029, Micah is the Technology Department Head for Primatech Hartsdale, and in reality, is the entire department due to his ability. He is part of the welcoming committee for Peter, Claire, and Hannah. While waiting alongside Molly, Micah uses his ability to continue his work, much to Molly's annoyance. After Peter, Claire and Hannah arrive, Micah and Molly show them around. Upon arriving at the Technology department, Micah explains that he is the department and thanks to his ability he can synthesize with every database in the world. After bragging, Micah attempts to leave his office to finish the tour, however, Molly sends him back, stating that Redhouse wants an updated profile map.

Micah is not privy to Project Six as Molly states that it is thanks to him that The Company has found so much information on The Sixers. Micah soon gives Will Pine and Andrew Petrelli the assignment of bringing in a recently doped up Gordon Hovey.

Later, Savannah Lemay asks Molly about her feelings towards Micah. Molly admits she has personal feelings for Micah, but that those feelings may never be returned due to the fact that as teenagers, Molly continuously shut down Micah's relationship advances.

Evolved Human Abilities

Micah has the ability to control and manipulate electronics with the mind. He uses his ability frequently and capably. He is able to write programming code by thought.

Memorable Quotes

"Time to save the world"

- Micah (The Lives We Live)

"I am the Technology Department"

- Micah, to Peter, Claire and Hannah. ([[Welcome Home)


  • Micah was raised by Nana Dawson, who has passed away by 2011. He is supported, at least financially and emotionally, by Nathan and Tracy Petrelli.


  • Chico Benymon was originally given the role of adult Micah, but had to be replaced by Michael Ealy due to scheduling conflicts. After Moore was cast in FlashForward, Micah's role was reduced in "Progeny".

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