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Hiro Nakamura
Sekai Murashige.jpg
Portrayed by Sekai Murashige,
Garrett Masuda
First appearance Company Man
In-story stats
Formal name 中村広, Nakamura Hiro
Home Tokyo, Japan and Manhattan, NY
Parents Kaito Nakamura (deceased), Ishi Nakamura (deceased)
Sibling Kimiko Nakamura (older sister)

Hiro Nakamura (childhood past) is the childhood Hiro, as seen in flashbacks and time travel sequences involving the adult Hiro.

Character History

Company Man

February 28, 1992, Young Hiro is shown sitting at a table on the Deveaux rooftop, playing a gameboy while his father Kaito and Noah Bennet discuss baby Claire.

Cautionary Tales

Present Hiro meets Young Hiro at their mother Ishi's funeral.

Graphic Novel:Past Experience

Hiro's sister Kimiko reminisces of when her father used to read Kensei stories to young Hiro.

It's Coming

Young Hiro is featured on the cover of 9th Wonders issue #16, preparing to eat a big plate of waffles.

The Eclipse, Part 2

Present Hiro takes Claire back with him to the 1992 Deveaux rooftop, and again see his younger self seated, playing with the gameboy.

Our Father

Young Hiro leaves the rooftop with Kaito, and visits his mother Ishi, who is sick. He shows here a dying bird, which she heals for him. Later, he hears his mother and father talking about him, saying he will never amount to anything, and he (and his future self) agree. At this point, Young Hiro thinks his older self is simply a chef.


Present Hiro convinces Young Hiro to help in opening Kaito safe to get the formula.



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