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9th Wonders!

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9th Wonders!
Tommy's 9th Wonders.jpg
Tommy is a fan of 9th Wonders!

First mentioned: Genesis
Current status: Issue #31 published, final complete issue
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9th Wonders! is the name of a prophetic comic book, created by the New York, NY artist Isaac Mendez. For a gallery of images of 9th Wonders! (including covers and panels from inside the issues), see here.


Season One

For an episode-by-episode summary, see 9th Wonders!: Season One History.


Bob reads an issue of 9th Wonders! in Isaac Mendez's apartment just before briefing Mohinder on his new lab.

Fight or Flight

Micah shows Monica issue #10 of 9th Wonders!; on the cover is the picture of a muscle woman called St. Joan, and Micah compares her to Monica, saying they are both "muscle mimics".

Four Months Ago...

Micah's birthday cake is decorated with the cover of issue #10 of 9th Wonders!; on the cover is the picture of a muscle woman called St. Joan.

Season Three

For an episode-by-episode summary, see 9th Wonders!: Season Three History.

Upon This Rock

Hiro thumbs through Issue #5.

The Wall

Trapped in a nightmare for what seems like years, Sylar gives Peter a copy of 9th Wonders!, Issue #13, with Uluru on the cover. Peter, angry with Sylar, tosses the peace offering off the roof. Later, Sylar wonders how Matt could have created the world in which he trapped Sylar--especially books. Peter suggests that perhaps Sylar read the books and retained their words in his subconscious, but Sylar counters that he never read 9th Wonders! Peter says that he did read the comic.

Brave New World

When Tommy's mother drives their car away from the border patrol staff, a stack of Tommy's 9th Wonders! comics falls over, with Issue #31 at the top.

The Lion's Den

Inside Dennis Collins's room, there are multiple 9th Wonders! comics lying around and even a St. Joan poster on the wall.

Game Over

In Paris, France, Emily Duval goes through comic books at a stand to show Tommy Clark how important it is for him to accept his responsibility to accept his destiny since he has powers and has been told he has to save the world. In the stand, Emily finds a French copy of Issue #31 of 9th Wonders! with a title that translates to Nathan Visits the Future showing Tommy standing next to Erica Kravid in the future. Emily comments on how the Tommy on the cover looks like him and Tommy excitedly tells her he's been looking for that issue of the comic for years. Tommy tells Emily that there are rumors on message boards that the artist was an evo and that the drawings in 9th Wonders! came true. Emily takes the copy of 9th Wonders! with Tommy on the cover as a sign that she was right and saving the world is his fate. Tommy agrees that he's now ready to go back and face his destiny after seeing 9th Wonders! and Emily's belief in him.

June 13th, Part Two

Before Nathan teleports his mother and Caspar to safety, Hiro gives him the 9th Wonders! that once guided him into finding his destiny, hoping that one day it can do the same for his son.

Send in the Clones

After teleporting away with the Miko Otomo construct, Tommy Clark realizes that their conversation is in the 9th Wonders! he picked up in France. Tommy remembers what his mother said about how 9th Wonders! once guided Hiro Nakamura and realizes it could do the same for him. Needing to know what mission Hachiro Otomo wants Tommy to send Miko on, they check the comic. On the last page, Miko and Tommy find Miko facing off against M. F. Harris who Miko recognizes as the man who kidnapped her father and stole her sword. Miko realizes that her final mission must be to face Harris and Tommy finds out the location as Sunstone Manor from a caption in the comic. After promising to tell Ren Miko loves him if he sees Ren, Tommy sends Miko to Sunstone Manor in the present. Miko eventually faces off with Harris Prime as depicted in 9th Wonders! and ultimately kills him.

Project Reborn

While viewing his memories inside the Eternal Fortress, Tommy Clark sees several images of 9th Wonders! including when Hiro handed him a copy of the comic that shaped his own future and his mother telling him that Tommy had the exact same powers as his favorite 9th Wonders! character, Hiro Nakamura.

Heroes Evolutions

Saving Charlie

  • Hiro, bored during his long road trip through New Mexico and Texas, says that he has already read all his manga "a million times" and that his 9th Wonders! was in tatters. (Chapter 2)
  • After teleporting to Times Square, Hiro's attention is grabbed by a 9th Wonders! comic book prominently displayed at the front of a comic book rack. The cover of the comic book was Hiro Nakamura in the middle of Times Square. Hiro went to look for help from Isaac Mendez, the writer and artist for 9th Wonders! (Chapter 3)
  • Hiro recalls that he almost walked past the issue of 9th Wonders! that revealed his destiny, but something caught his eye and made him pick it up. On the cover was an illustrated image of Hiro himself in "perfect four-color detail". The image was of Hiro standing in the middle of Times Square with his arms outstreched. This is what made him realize he had a superpower. He was riveted to the comic, each panel of which showed Hiro's journey, from the clock at Yamagato to the karaoke bar. Hiro was too afraid to look at the next page, so he flipped the graphic novel over and looked at Isaac's address instead. He then worked up the courage to look at the next panel which would tell him how to get to Isaac Mendez's loft. He paid the newsie for the comic and left. (Chapter 17)
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Brave New World

In the eBook Brave New World, Tommy returns home at dawn from the evo support group meeting in Chicago. His mother hears him come in and bursts into his room with a 9mm Glock, but by the time the lights go on, Tommy is already reading the latest issue of Ninth Wonders.

Gemini: Heroes Reborn

Cassandra Hays finds three issues of 9th Wonders! inside the Quarry. They feature Hiro, Claire, and Nathan on the cover.


  • Many covers have alternate versions, alternating between showing an icon of the Helix or an icon of Uluru in the publisher stamp, showing nor not showing the issue #, and many having alternate versions published under the promo title Helix Comics.
  • Three issues bear the Uncle Burk's Fine Comics publisher stamp, but have not appeared in any episodes.
  • Issue #5 of Nathan flying is the only issue that varies in artwork and coloring.
  • It's interesting to note that Issue #14, on newsstands five weeks in the future, contains events from both the present and future timelines. Therefore, depending on when Isaac drew it, it's possible that he accurately depicted both past (or at least present) and future events. Simone does mention that the comic is late; she must mean Issue #14, because #13 is already published and Isaac later tells Hiro #14 hasn't gone to the publisher. Therefore, the issue does in fact depict both present and future events, and Isaac's power is perhaps broader than imagined.
  • It's also unclear whether Isaac realizes the comic is predicting future events, or whether he uses heroin when he produces it.
  • In multiple interviews, the writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite have said that 9 is an important number in the world of Heroes.
  • The name is also used by, "The Official/Unofficial Fan Site for Heroes".
  • As Micah chats with Hana, one of the tabs on his computer says "9th Wonders" (The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 2). Jason Badower has said that this was to pay tribute to the message board posters who help keep his spirits high.
  • The graphic novel The Trial of the Black Bear is listed as being presented by "9th Wonders! Manga Classics".
  • A French version of the comic, entitled Les 9èmes Merveilles!, can be found in Paris.
  • A Japanese version of the comic, entitled 9つめの不思議!, can be found at Sam's Comics in Tokyo.
  • Isaac told a courier that he wrote his final issue (.07%). The final issue's number is currently unknown. It should be noted that months after Isaac talked about his final issue, Issue #16 was found in Tokyo. Later, Issue #31 arrived at Sam's Comics in Lawrence, Kansas. Another version of Issue #31 appearing to contain a completely different plot later appeared in Paris in 2015.
  • The cover of the version of Issue #31 found by Tommy Clark in 2015 gives the first clue to Tommy's real identity: in English its titled "Nathan visits the future!" Nathan is Tommy's real name as revealed in June 13th, Part One.


  • In a forum post, Tim Sale said that, in general, he draws the 9th Wonders! comic panels from screen captures of scenes that have already been filmed.
  • At least four issue covers have appeared within (or on the cover) of 9th Wonders! issues. Issue #14's cover is shown within Issue #14 and within the Final Issue; Issue #16 is shown within Issue #16, and Issue #31 is shown on the cover of Issue #31.

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