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User:Hiroman/My Heroes Favourites (Episodes)

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As you can see from the title, these are all of my Heroes favourites!

Favourite Characters

Top 15 Characters:1-5

Hiro Nakamura Eric Doyle Monica Dawson Charlie Andrews Elle Bishop

Top 15 Characters:6-10

Meredith Gordon Angela Petrelli Ando Masahashi Sylar Usutu

Top 15 Characters:11-15

Niki Sanders Arthur Petrelli Flint Gordon, Jr. Knox Isaac Mendez

Favourite Episodes


Five Years Gone How to Stop an Exploding Man Six Months Ago .07% Seven Minutes to Midnight


Cautionary Tales Powerless Four Months Ago... The Kindness of Strangers Kindred


I Am Become Death Dying of the Light Dual Our Father The Butterfly Effect


Cold Snap Shades of Gray 1961 I Am Sylar A Clear and Present Danger


I will update this when I have finished watching all of the episodes.

Favourite Abilities

Top 10 Abilities:1-5

Space-time manipulation Motion manipulation Enhanced memory Telekinesis Adoptive muscle memory

Top 10 Abilities:6-10

Pyrokinesis Super speed Supercharging Precognitive dreaming Phasing