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Funnies Heroes Moment EVER!
Portrayed by Me!
Powers Space-time manipulation
Alias Ellis
Sex Mars symbol blue.png
Age 12
Date of birth 22/3 (3/22 for you Americans! :-)
Favorite Heroes quote Cake!?-Sylar
Favorite color Red
Favorite episode I Am Become Death
Favorite graphic novel The Natural Order of Things
Favorite Heroes actor Masi Oka or James Kyson Lee
Favorite Heroes actress Jayma Mays or Kristen Bell
Favorite character Hiro
Least favorite character Peter
Favorite power Space-time manipulation and Pyrokinesis
Favorite impersonator Sylar
I am from the
United Kingdom

Hi, this is Ellis speaking. If you want to talk to me, please leave a message on my talk page.

Please note, this page is under construction- I am caught up in school at the moment and don't often have time to spend on it!

About Me

My name is Ellis and I am 13 years old. I have been addicted to Heroes ever since I borrowed a friend's copy of Heroes season 1 and was caught up in the great storylines and characters. I LOVE to read; my favourite author is Stephen King. My first book of his was The Shining and I have now read almost every book of his! I also like Dean Koontz, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Ray Bradbury.

User:Hiroman/My Heroes Favourites (Episodes)

Dead! :-(

Almost all of my favourite characters have unfortunately passed away (which is quite a shame!):

Plus, Monica Dawson has been written out of the show-she was such a great character! :-(

However, I am quite glad Simone Deveaux is gone! YAY!

Alive! :-(

On the other hand, there are quite a few characters I wish would die, and SOON:

My Thoughts on Heroes Volumes


I thought Season One was a marvellous start to Heroes. Hiro instantly stood out as an unforgettable character, alongside Claire, Sylar and Niki. Granted, the episodes got off to a kind of slow start, but they really picked up around Seven Minutes to Midnight, due to the Charlie and Homecoming storylines. From then on, the episodes were magnificent,(bar Company Man-I don't know, for some reason, I didn't like it as much as other episodes), such as Run!, Five Years Gone and How to Stop an Exploding Man. I also liked the interesting twist on the actual superpowers- most were mental powers, such as Telekinesis or Space-time manipulation or passive abilities, like Rapid cellular regeneration. However, I didn't like Matt, Simone and Peter, with his God-like power.


Season Two managed to surpass Season One, despite its incredibly short run (I think they should have simply put the show on hiatus, until the writer's strike had ended, then carried on with the storyline, where the Virus was let loose). But anyway, it started incredibly and carried on like that until the end-there was no weak episodes in the batch, in my opinion; I particurlarly liked Cautionary Tales and Four Months Ago.... Plus, all previously annoying characters (especially Peter!) became less annoying, because they were all involved good storylines and twists. Some people complained about the ever-increasing cast, but some of the best characters were introduced in this volume, such as Monica, Elle and Adam, though Bob and West were low points.


Volume Three was extremely disliked by some people, but is actually my FAVOURITE volume! Granted, it paid no attention to it's original concept (ORDINARY people, with extraordinary abilities), but I actually liked the craziness of it. Most of my favourite characters were introduced in this volume (Doyle,Arthur,Daphne) and some of my existing favourites were given a more front-seat role (Angela,Meredith etc.). As with Volume Two, there were no weak episodes-in fact, a few of my all-time fave episodes were in Villains-I Am Become Death,Dual and Our Father. Claire had started to become quite annoying by this time, so it was extremely gratifying to see Sylar saw open her head in The Second Coming. Also, Peter was removed of his HUGE power and Ando and Mohinder recieved one, so it was great on the 'Powers' front too. All in all, a fantastic volume!


For some reason, I didn't like Fugitives as much as the previous three volumes, even though the storylines and episodes were great (Cold Snap,1961). I'm not saying it was a BAD volume, because it really wasn't- I just don't think it matched up to the previous ones. The last half of the volume was very good, but the first half was a bit slow for me, as was An Invisible Thread. I also didn't like Daphne and Nathan dying, and Hiro becoming ill, due to his illness. Otherwise, though, I liked it, particurlaly Tracy and Sylar's storylines and Peter's new power.


In the UK, the airing of Volume Five is around halfway through, and, to be honest, I'm not really liking it. The writers said they were trying to revert to their original concept, but I don't really think a super-powered carnival fits into that(I know it probably sounds hypocritical, due to my liking of Volume Three)! I also don't like Samuel, but that is mainly to do with the events of Once Upon a Time in Texas. I'm just hoping I'm not used to it, and I'll grow to love this volume!