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"Like father, like son" is an old saying that means that people are often like their fathers. It can sometimes refer to mothers as well. In Heroes, it is a common theme.


Season One

  • Mohinder tells Nirand that he followed in his father's footsteps. Mohinder also says that he must finish what Chandra started. (Genesis)
  • In New York, Mohinder is taxi driver. His late father, Chandra, was also a taxi driver in New York. (Genesis)
  • Zach video tapes Claire seemingly trying to kill herself. After they finish, Claire says, "I'm so depressed." (Genesis) Angela reveals to Peter that Arthur suffered from major depressive disorder and tried to commit suicide twice before being successful the third time. (Don't Look Back)
  • When Peter tells Angela that Nathan only cares about himself, Angela replies that his father was the same way--"alpha dogs, both of them." (Genesis)
  • After Peter tries to fly for the first time, Angela and Nathan think that he was trying to commit suicide. Angela tells Peter that his father committed suicide, and that he suffered from major depressive disorder, an illness which can have a genetic link. (Don't Look Back)
  • Mohinder Suresh, like his father, Chandra, is a geneticist. In a New York subway, Peter mentions to Mohinder he is a geneticist like his father Chandra. Mohinder replies that that is evolution, and that humans are "variations of the last model." Peter agrees, jokingly saying that people are "cheap knockoffs" of their fathers. (Collision)
  • Sylar uses his newly acquired ability of telekinesis to fool Chandra, and later orates that it is their destiny to find evolved humans. (Six Months Ago) Sylar uses his newly acquired ability of liquefaction to fool Mohinder, and later orates that it is their destiny to find evolved humans. (Run!, Unexpected)
  • Sylar explains to Chandra that he repairs watches because his father, a watchmaker too, didn't give him a choice. Sylar also uses the phrase "evolutionary imperative", and explains that sea turtles die on the same exact beach where they were born, that lions slaughter gazelles, and that spiders eat their young, not because they want to, but because they have to. (Six Months Ago)
  • Mohinder tells Sylar that he can not fulfill his duty as a son by killing Sylar. However, the bullet is stopped by Sylar's telekinesis, and Sylar says tells Mohinder that "[he] is [his] father's son." (Parasite)
  • When Claire talks back at Angela, Angela tells her, "You get that mouth from me." (.07%)
  • D.L. tells Jessica that everywhere she goes, people die, and that she hurts people for the fun of it. D.L. finally concludes by saying that she didn't turn into Jessica, she turned into her "old man". (.07%)
  • Kaito teaches Hiro the way of the sword. (Landslide)
  • After learning that the Haitian has is an evolved human like Guillame, Thompson rhetorically asks, "Like father like son?" (It Takes a Village, Part 4)

Season Two

  • The Haitian returns to the crossroads to set things right, but the Loa, who appears as a winged serpent, tells him, "As grows the vine, so grows the fruit! You are your father's son! He who was favored by the Loa with power but sought only selfish gains!" (The Crossroads)
  • Matt has a nightmare in which a guard tells him that he abandoned his kid. Later, Matt sees Janice in the nightmare. Janice tells Matt that even when Matt saw the truth, he left his son, just like Maury left him, and just like he is going to leave Molly. (Fight or Flight)
  • Like his father, Maury, Matt Parkman has the ability of telepathy. Bob states to Matt that he has "the same abilities as Maury has." (Out of Time)
  • Matt abandons his Maury, leaving him trapped in his own nightmare, just like Maury abandoned him. (Out of Time)
  • Angela tells Matt that if he takes her secret of Victoria Pratt from her, he wouldn't just be like his father, he would be his father. (Cautionary Tales)
  • Victoria tells Peter that since he is helping Adam, he is a killer like his parents. (Truth & Consequences)
  • Sylar says to Mohinder that life has it's poetry because Chandra helped him discover his ability, and now Mohinder is helping him restore it. (Powerless)

"Girls tend to find boys just like their dads."

  • Sandra tells Noah that West, like him, only cares about protecting Claire. (Cautionary Tales)


  • Matt Parkman's initials are "M.P." Maury Parkman's initials are also "M.P.".

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