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Child vs. parent

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Child vs. parent
Matt and Maury.jpg
Matt confronts his father.

In Heroes, characters often come into conflict with their parents.


Seven Minutes to Midnight

The Fix

  • When D.L. has a hard time keeping up to speed with raising Micah on his own, Micah argues to D.L. that things were hard for Niki, but she always found a way to make things work.


The Hard Part

Four Months Later...

Fight or Flight

Out of Time

Truth and Consequences

  • Elle argues with Bob about getting back into his good graces.


Angels and Monsters

  • Claire lies to her mother about going on a cheerleading retreat, when in reality she is going to hunt down villains.

Dying of the Light

Eris Quod Sum

  • Arthur keeps Peter locked within the Pinehearst facility.
  • Nathan plans to stop his father by going to the Pinehearst facility.
  • Angela wants Gabriel to prove why he always was her favorite son, Arthur objects that she was going to drown him when he was born.


It's Coming

  • Sylar explains to Elle it's her father's and his mother's fault they are monsters: "We were never good enough for them."
  • Arthur says Nathan was always his favorite son, Nathan refuses his legacy by saying he is insane.

Our Father


A Clear and Present Danger

  • Claire is angry at Nathan for what he is doing to other evolved humans.

Trust and Blood

  • Same as above, except now she is at odds with both her biological and adoptive fathers because of what they are doing.

Building 26


Shades of Gray

  • Samson Gray attacks Sylar and attempts to take his ability to regenerate.
  • Sylar frees himself and strangles Samson with his oxygen tubes, but decides to spare him so he can suffer from his cancer.


I Am Sylar

Graphic Novel Recurrences

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Webisode Recurrences

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  • Lydia struggles with her daughter, Amanda, being content and safe, but Amanda thinks that where she is is where she belongs. (Slow Burn)

Memorable Quotes

"Parents sin, children suffer."

- Adam (To Peter) (Truth & Consequences)

"When the son challenges the father, only one is left standing"

- Arthur (To Linderman) (Villains)

"You're a monster. Like me." — "No, your father made you this way, just like my mother made me. We were never good enough for them, Elle. You never meant to be this way. You wanted to be normal. You just didn't know how."

- ElleSylar (It's Coming)

Recurring Themes edit

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