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Logic vs. emotion

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Logic vs. emotion
Nathan and Peter represent the extremes of logic and emotion.

Many pairs of characters on Heroes represent the theme of logic vs. emotion.


Peter and Nathan

Peter follows his heart and does what's best for those around him, while his older brother Nathan follows what his mind tells him makes sense.

Niki and her alter-ego Jessica

Jessica represents a more cold, logical voice to counter the more emotional Niki. While both women are willing to give of themselves to some degree (i.e. Niki's becoming a stripper to make ends meet so she can care for her son), Jessica has a much more brutal and realistic take on some situations. For instance, while it probably would be in Niki's best interest to end her relationship with D.L., she refuses to do so out of love.

Ando and Hiro

Ando is a more realistic person than Hiro. At first, he refuses to believe in Hiro's powers because he does not believe such feats are possible. Even when confronted with the reality of Hiro's powers, he still seeks to use Hiro's powers in a way that he thinks is sensible instead of thinking of the loftier goals of saving the world.

Chandra and Mohinder

Chandra refuses the help of his son, quoting Darwin and saying that a scientist must be free of emotion. Mohinder wants to help his father purely out of a loving son's devotion to his father and a disciple's love of his mentor.

Peter and Sylar

Both have shown some capacity for using the powers of others. But while Peter's is based on a desire to nurture and his ability to connect with people emotionally, Sylar's power is based on understanding how things work logically and a desire to control.

Isaac and Peter

When Isaac and Peter get into a fight, Isaac allows his emotions to overcome him to such a degree that he unwisely fires his gun wildly, hoping to hit an invisible Peter, and instead shoots and kills Simone. (Unexpected)

A Life of Meaning and a Life of Happiness

Mr. Linderman tells Nathan that he thinks there comes a time when a man has to ask himself whether he wants a life of happiness or a life of meaning. After Nathan says that he would like to both, Linderman explains that they are two very different paths. To be truly happy a man must live absolutely in the present, and with no thought of what's gone before, and no thought of what lies ahead. But a life of meaning, a man is condemned to wallow in the past, and obsess about the future. (Parasite)

Nathan and Linderman

Linderman tries to persuade Nathan to cooperate with his plan to "heal" humanity by allowing a tragic event to unite them. Nathan is appalled by Linderman's plan, but Linderman says that less than .07% casualties is an acceptable loss by anyone's measure. (.07%)

Robots and Aliens

West explains his theory that people break down into only two categories. A person is either a robot, or an alien. Robots operate out of programs, conventional logic. They follow the rules. Robots scan the world from side to side. Aliens are more abstract thinkers. If they need to break a rule to keep their own paths, they do, without fear. Aliens look down and up when they choose to. (Flying Blind)

Monica and Camille

Monica is a dreamer who has big plans with her life. Camille has heard all of this before and tells her not to get her hopes up. (The Kindness of Strangers)

Maya and Alejandro

Alejandro finds Maya in a church in Zulia, Venezuela. Maya tells Alejandro about how the tragic effects of her power means they have to stick together. Despite his love for his sister, he calls the police, to arrest Maya and stop her causing more harm to anybody else. (Four Months Ago...)

Sabine and Julien

Sabine suspects that her partner is lying to her, though struggles to accept this as she is in love with him. She eventually manages to kill him despite her conflicting emotions. (Root and Branch, Part 2)

Bianca and Gael

Bianca is upset at Gael for joining her in Berlin to interrogate her as a possible mole. She later comes to accept Gael's actions as necessary tough love. Also, after Gael is shot and her partner Devin is killed, she is able to move past her emotions and bag the German. (Berlin, Part 2)

Building 26 and Evolved Humans

Evolved Humans are being rounded up by Emile Danko and his agents so they wont pose a threat to the general population, though even safe individuals with abilities are being kept in constant drugged induced comas.

Matt and Angela

Matt says Sylar should be made to think that he's Nathan because it's too dangerous for Angela just not wanting to lose her son. Noah then convinces him logically, saying that Nathan is the only person who could convince The President to shut down Building 26. (An Invisible Thread)

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