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Pressure of responsibility

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Pressure of responsibility
Dino painting kaito rips.jpg
Hiro's father rips Hiro's "destiny" in order to make him obey

Characters often face conflicts between their mundane responsibilities and the need to control their powers or follow their chosen destinies.

Episodic Recurrences


Six Months Ago

  • Nathan explains to Heidi the added responsibility of being the oldest child to his father and being his favorite.


  • Peter, after awakening from his coma, decides to leave New York City to ensure its safety.

The Fix

  • Peter tries to convince Claude to teach him to control his abilities to ensure the safety of New York City.



Five Years Gone

  • Hiro decides to discover the mistake that caused the explosion to happen, and to stop it.
  • After realizing he must kill Sylar himself, Hiro prepares to become a murderer.

The Hard Part

  • Even though he could have murdered Sylar, Hiro decides to wait until he's not asking for forgiveness from his mother.


How to Stop an Exploding Man

Four Months Later...

  • Claire struggles to try to stay out of the spotlight, in order to keep her family safe.
  • Matt wants to provide well for Molly.
  • Noah feels bad about what he has put his family through, and vows to take down the Company once and for all.

Cold Wars

Graphic Novel Recurrences

Graphic Novel:Quarantine

  • In a future where a global outbreak of the Shanti virus has occurred, Howard Lemay realizes he faces the responsibility of stopping the spread of the disease at all costs, including the lives of his family.

Graphic Novel:Past Experience

Recurring Themes edit

Character connectionsChild vs. parentDeathFaith and religionFamilyFate vs. free willHeroismIronyLogic vs. emotionLonelinessLoyalty vs. treacheryMoral ambiguityOne punch knockoutPressure of responsibilityRevengeSacrificeSecrets and deceptionSpecialWomen in Refrigerators

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