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Fan Creation:Women in Refrigerators

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Women in Refrigerators
Sylars victims charlie.jpg
Charlie Andrews was killed shortly after her introduction to develop Hiro's story.

Women in Refrigerators is the title of a list compiled by American comics author Gail Simone. It details occurrences of the victimization of female characters as a plot device in comics throughout the years.


Taking its name from an infamous event in Green Lantern where the hero returned home to find his girlfriend's dismembered body stuffed in his refrigerator by an adversary, the list originally merely provided a listing of events without much in the way of commentary or analysis, although on its face the list speaks volumes. The authors of the list submitted it to various other comic book creators for comment. Responses ranged from denial to disgust, and explanations offered ranged from poor writing to misogyny to the imbalance of secondary (and thus disposable) female characters compared to secondary male characters.

Heroes Characters in Refrigerators

List of Victimized Female Characters

The following female characters have been subjected to physical, psychological, emotional, or sexual violence.

List of Victimized Male Characters

For purposes of comparison, the following male characters have been subjected to physical, psychological, emotional, or sexual violence.

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