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Mindy's journal

Owned by: Mindy Sprague

When she started working for the Company, it was "suggested" to her that Mindy kept a journal.


Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 3

On Tuesday, January 3rd 1978

Mindy Sprague-Tuesday, 1/3/78
One way to move up in the world: Wait for crazy to go crazy, and slip right into his shoes.
New year, new start, new everything. This is what you wanted Mindy.
Since you guys are full of surprises, and you "suggested" that I keep a journal, I will say that it is so nice that last week, I was packing for a life in the Rain forest, today I'm in East Bumblefrick Pennsylvania.
...but I am out of Indiana. Sorta. Not as many cornfields, but the Susquehanna is NOT exactly the Amazon.
But this river seems to have its own pest problem...

On Monday, February 6th 1978

I have always said there were only 2 great things that came out of my time in Los Angeles.
Number one of course is Teddy, My sweet Teddy bear... will never hurt a fly.
And number two is my appreciation of music.
Dylan, Coolidge, The Stones... but I love the Eagles, I really do, and last year was an awesome year for them.
Sure you can pick "Hotel Calafornia" as their best effort. That's an easy one.
But in a year with a lot of Marvin Gaye, The Bee Gees, and *yawn* Stevie Wonder, one song, good ol' rock & roll has got me through this morning drive these past few weeks.
"New Kid In Town"
A few weeks in, let's say I have made my mark... sure progress has been made, but I am definitely still the new kid in town.
But I am making a difference. I'm happy and sooner or later... I'll belong.
And speaking of Johnny come lately, not backing down, has made Al a pretty big Mindy fan.
It sounds silly, but that song keeps me up. And it keeps me calm. It's sort of empowering really.
"Great expectations... everybody's watching you..."
"Even your old friends treat you like you're something new..."
"Johnny come lately, the new kid in toooown..."
"Everybody loves you..."
" don't let them down"

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