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Nine Unknown Men

As confirmed by Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite during a Behind the Eclipse interview, The Legend of the Nine Unknown Men is one of many influences in the Heroes mythology. There are many similarities between the legend and Heroes.


Ashoka was the King of Maghada around 270 BC to 232 BC. He is often regarded as India's greatest ruler. After his conversion to Buddhism, a massacre occurred, and King Ashoka founded the society of the Nine Unknown Men and appointed its members.

Raman Empire

The Raman Empire is an ancient, probably mythical, civilization. It supposedly fell into the Indian Ocean. The Raman Empire was known to have technology far beyond its years. In some legends, the Raman Empire and the city of Atlantis attacked one another, destroying one another in the process. It is often theorized that the Raman Empire and Atlantis had both developed nuclear technology. The Nine were appointed by King Ashoka to guard the technology of the Raman Empire from the world to prevent a similar catastrophe from ever happening again

The Books

According to myth, the Nine Unknown Men were each given a discipline of knowledge to protect from society. It is said that the practice of the disciplines could lead to the destruction of society and the world, and that these books were the cause of the Raman Empire's destruction. The Nine often act with a morally gray mentality and commit themselves to the "greater good." Despite being common folklore of conspiracy theorists, The Nine are often regarded as being beneficial to the world, unlike organizations such as the Illuminati or the Free Masons.

This is paralleled by the amount of secrecy that evolved humans have about their abilities, and the two doomsday scenarios that the future of Heroes holds. Also, many of the older generation of heroes act with a similar mentality to the Nine.


Propaganda (or Psychological Warfare) is the discipline that is said to be the most dangerous. It involves molding mass opinion toward one particular goal. It is said if you can control the mind, you can control the world.

This is paralleled in the show by Eden McCain and her power of persuasion. Maury Parkman, and even his son, Matt, could parallel this as well.


Physiology is the discipline concerned with the function of the human body, and is said to protect the great secrets of the "Death Touch" and immortality. All of the nine are said to be immortal. It is unclear if the nine are truly immortal or reincarnated. Judo is said to be leaked from this book.

Physiological abilities abound in the Heroes Universe. Claire, Adam, Monica, and Niki all display abilities related to physiology. Fusor's accomplice displays a "Death Touch" which could parallel physiology as well.


Contrary to one's intuitions, microbiology is mostly concerned with the healing arts, and only partially concerned with disease. It is said that information from this book assisted in the creation for the vaccine of Cholera. Also according to legend, the original member who guarded this discipline allowed microorganisms to infest the Ganges River, giving it the healing quality it is said to possess.

Daniel Linderman is the most likely candidate for a parallel to microbiology, however Maya and Alejandro may also be representations of this discipline with their unusual ability and counter ability. Au Co's plant growing ability may also parallel this discipline.


Alchemy is the transmutation of elements. This discipline was influential in creating the Delhi Iron Pillar, a pillar of iron that is resistant to rusting. This phenomenon still baffles chemists today. It is also said that during times of great famine, gold would arrive from unknown sources to help the hungry.

Bob possesses this ability, and has used it to fund The Company and to pay for Niki's medical bills. D.L. may also parallel alchemy to a lesser extent.


Communication revolves around all aspects of this discipline, including communing with the dead, extraterrestrials, and between minds.

Matt Parkman and Maury Parkman both parallel this discipline, as do Hana, the traveler, Micah, and Richard Drucker. Omnilingualism, Technopathy, and Electronic Data Transception all have elements of communication related to their ability.


Gravitation is the discipline of defying and manipulating gravity, and was said to hide the secret to creating Vimana's, which is described as a UFO.

Nathan and West are obvious candidates to parallel this discipline, but less intuitively, Brian Davis may also parallel this discipline with telekinesis.


Cosmology is said to allow travel through the space-time continuum. It also includes inter, and intra-universal travel.

Hiro seems to be the only evolved human to fit this discipline with his ability: space-time manipulation, though Charles may have an ability that would fit this discipline as well. If Charles ability is astral projection (How to Stop an Exploding Man), he might be the member of the group of 12 who demonstrates this discipline.

Light (control)

Condensing, decreasing, increasing and other forms of light manipulation mark this discipline.

Claude may demonstrate this discipline even if he is bending or manipulating light mentally. Betty might also display a derivative of this discipline. since her ability can even be demonstrated through electronic devices such as in Five Years Gone. Elle and other evolved humans with electromagnetic manipulating abilities might also be demonstrating this discipline.


Sociology is the most vague of all the disciplines, and only refers to the rules at which societies evolve and fall. It is sometimes inferred that one can predict the future with the knowledge from this book.

Isaac would be a parallel to this discipline. Charles might have an ability that relates to this discipline as well, if his ability is prophetic dreaming. It is often theorized that Peter absorbed prophetic dreaming from Charles (Nothing to Hide, How to Stop an Exploding Man).


Peter's ability is not represented by a discipline. This might be significant to the plot of Heroes. e.g. It could be theorized that after he had acquired abilities from every book, he was forced to explode.