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Alex Sutherland
Portrayed by Zachary Gordon
First appearance Daydreams
In-story stats
Known ability Technopathy
Age 10
Home Chicago

Alex Sutherland is a young boy who learns that he can talk to machines.

Character History


Nathaniel tells Scott to get Alex and have Alex find Max.


After being told by Nathaniel to get Alex to help find Max, Scott arrives home. He finds Alex in the living room, messing with the family computer. Scott tells Alex that Scott told him Max's life is potentially in danger and that it is up to the two of them to save him. Alex agrees, asking for Scott's phone; he explains that he can use Scott's phone to track Max's phone, which will lead them right to Max. Alex does this and tells Scott where to drive. He then asks Scott what will happen if the people chasing Max are there when they find him; Scott tells him that they will have to fight.

A Thousand Words

Sophia looks at a picture of Alex beating Nathaniel at a video game.


Alex and Scott enter the abandoned warehouse; Scott is doubtful that Max is actually there, but Alex is positive that he is. The two start arguing when suddenly Max appears. Alex is smug because he knew he was right, but gets upset and walks away when Max playfully insults him.

After being told by Nathaniel to go to Canada, Max tells Alex and Scott and the three start walking to the exit. Max asks Scott how they found him and Alex replies that he tracked Max's cell phone with his ability. Max freezes and insists that the government people could do the same thing and could be waiting outside for them as they speak. Scott suspects an ambush while Max freaks out that they can't know if it is safe to leave, but Alex says he has a plan.

Now Go We In Content

Matt tells Kaitlin that he has packed clothes that Alex will fit into. Later, Matt grabs Nathaniel's laptop for Alex to use.

Evolved Human Abilities

Alex can communicate with machines and other forms of technology and get them to do things for him.

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