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Sophia Oakley
Sophia Hunted.jpg
Portrayed by Christian Serratos
First appearance Daydreams
In-story stats
Known ability Dark Energy Manipulation
Age 17
Parent Mrs. Oakley

Sophia Oakley is a girl who discovers she can manipulate the dark energies of others.

Character History


Nathaniel tells Dimitri to get Krystal and for the both of them to go to Sophia's house to convince her to leave with them.


Scott remembers six months ago, sitting in his backyard with Sophia. They discuss his newfound ability and while Scott is upset about it, Sophia tries to show him that being able to heal other people is a beautiful thing. Sophia convinces Scott to use it on her scar. He agrees, and when he is successful, he is so excited that he kisses Sophia on the lips. Scott tries to apologize afterward, but Sophia responds by kissing him back.

Cruel to Be Kind

Nathaniel tells Dimitri to save Sopia with Krystal's help. Once Dimitri gets Krystal, the two fly to Sophia's house and land on her roof. Krystal identifies the location of Sophia's room from the roof, and drops through it to get Sophia. Before doing so, she tells Dimitri to meet her and Sophia in the backyard.

A Thousand Words

Sophia looks at old pictures of her and her friends, lamenting that even though she misses how things used to be, they will never be the way they once were and that some relationships are meant to remain in the past. The pictures include them all ice skating and in Nathaniel's basement, some of them at a pool and in April's car, the girls in Krystal's bedroom, and the boys in Max's kitchen. Also among the photos are Sophia helping Kaitlin with her hair, Alex beating Nathaniel at a video game, the eight friends bowling and the eight of them posing for homecoming pictures in April's living room. Sophia then looks around her room at items that bring back memories of her friends.

When Sophia turns back around, Krystal drops into her room. Sophia is shocked to see her, but Krystal relishes in the fact that she judged perfectly where to land from the roof and playfully apologizes to Sophia for entering in the manner she did. Sophia sits on her bed and asks Krystal how she got onto her roof and why she was there; Krystal tells her that Dimitri flew her there and that they have to leave. Krystal picks up the hoodie she had given to Sophia and the two comment on it. Krystal gives it to Sophia and Sophia asks why she needs it. Krystal tells her about the government operation to capture everyone with abilities. She says that they will be leaving the country and won't be able to come home until they stop the operation. Sophia is dumbstruck but decides that leaving would be best so the two leave her room only to run into Sophia's mother, who is shocked to see Krystal. Mrs. Oakley forbids Sophia from leaving even though Sophia says it is urgent, but Krystal tells her that the two are being hunted by the government. Sophia explains that they did nothing wrong but that they might never return if they are captured. Mrs. Oakley says that Sophia's father could get them out, but Sophia is outraged that her mother would suggest surrendering. Just then Sophia's front door flies open so Sophia says goodbye to her mother as Krystal drops Sophia and herself into the basement.

Sophia falls down when she hits the floor unlike Krystal, who helps her up and pulls her to the sement door. Suddenly the door opens and three men run in. Krystal runs through the men, pulling Sophia with her, and she hits the third man in the back of the head. Sophia lets go of Krystal's hand and increases the fear, anger, and confusion of the men, causing them fall to the ground with no control over themselves. Krystal turns Sophia around to see that two more men have appeared. The one in front shoots a taser at Krystal, but she phases it through her and Sophia and then puts her hand into the man's chest to complicate his breathing, knocking him out. After Dimitri appears to take out the second agent, he flies the two girls away from Sophia's house and the other men.

Now Go We In Content

Kaitlin packs many of her clothes with Sophia in mind, knowing that Sophia will need extra clothes.

Evolved Human Abilities

Sophia has the ability to manipulate the dark energies of other people. "Dark energies" are feelings or emotions that are sad, angry, sinful, and so on. Sophia can intensify these feelings and emotions where they exist, create them in others, or remove them.

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