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April Kingston
April Hunted.jpg
Portrayed by Brittany Robertson
First appearance Rewritten
In-story stats
Known ability Electric Manipulation
Age 18
Home Chicago

April Kingston is a girl who discovers she can create and manipulate electricity.

Character History


Nathaniel tells Stephanie to go get April, but Stephanie refuses. Nathaniel mentions that the two used to be best friends, but Stephanie dismisses this.


Nathaniel and Stephanie further discuss April's situation. Nathaniel tells Stephanie that she really needs to help April because she is the only one who is unaware of the government operation to hunt down those with abilities. Nathaniel also says that with her power, Stephanie can easily get April to safety. Stephanie tries to make excuses to get out of it, but Nathaniel insists that she has to, unless she wants April to be seriously injured or even killed. Stephanie finally agrees and flies towards April's home. As she gets close, she sees a unmarked black helicopter hovering right near her destination.

A Thousand Words

Sophia looks at pictures of April and their friends. The pictures include them all in Nathaniel's basement, April with Stephanie and Sophia in her car, and April in Krystal's bedroom with the girls. Also among the photos are the eight friends bowling and the eight of them posing for homecoming pictures in April's living room. Later, Sophia looks at a pair of shoes, remembering that April had picked them out.


April sits in her basement, listening to her Wicked soundtrack. Se remembers going to see the show live with Stephanie. April thinks about her fight with Stephanie, wondering why is got so out of control. She convinces herself to call Stephanie, but before she can government men break into her home. April manages to get out the basement window and begins crawling next to the house behind her bushes. She reaches the fence to her backyard, deciding to jump over it, but when she does, she is spotted by the men. April runs across her backyard and locks herself in the garage.

April gets into her Jeep, backs out of the garage, and starts speeding down the alley. She almost reaches the street but a black van suddenly blocks her way. April slams on the brakes and begins reversing down the alley but another black van blocks her way also. As both vans begin to drive down the alley towards her, April puts her car in park and bails out, running through a backyard, crossing the street, and finding herself on a soccer field. She keeps running, hoping to find some escape, when a black helicopter appears behind her. April freezes, realizing that she has no option but to fight and hope for the best.

She turns to face the helicopter, from which men dressed in black are beginning to descend, and one of the black vans, which has just pulled up to the curb. April starts attacking the men, unleashing electricity into men from both the helicopter and the van. The second van shows up, and April looks up to see a human shape fly toward the helicopter and knock a man out of it, sending him flying to the ground. The figure lands next to April and she recognizes that it is Stephanie, who says she is there to rescue her. April starts to question her, but is tasered in her distraction. April redirects the electricity, sending it back into the man still holding the gun. Stephanie asks if she is okay and April asks why she cares. Stephanie syas that she doesn't want April to get hurt; April says the same to Stephanie, telling her to leave. Stephanie tells April she can get them both out, but April believes she will weigh Stephanie down, leading to both of them being captured. Stepanie attempts to argue, but April is persistent. Stephanie apologizes for everything and April repeats the sentiment to Stephanie. April continues fighting the men off while Stephanie, crying, flies away. Suddenly April feels a jab in her stomach and looks down to see tiny vial full of tranquilizer. April twists and falls to the ground, seeing Stephanie safely above the clouds. April smiles and loses consciousness.

Now Go We In Content

Kaitlin packs many of her clothes with April in mind, knowing that April will need extra clothes.

Evolved Human Abilities

April has the ability to generate elctricity in varying voltages. She can send electricity from her body and direct where it lands with very high accuracy.

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