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Now Go We In Content
Episode number: 110
First aired: 5/6/2010
Written by: Skullman1392
Previous episode: Rewritten
Next episode: The Best Laid Plans


This episode is a fan creation and should not be considered canon.


  • Kaitlin and Matt pack during Daniella's battle.
  • Once they are finished, they leave the house to find a shocking sight.


“What did you already pack?”

“I got a backpack full of clothes for me and Alex.”

“Alright, good. Could you go grab a bunch of Nathaniel’s stuff? Max, Scott, and Dimitri will all fit into his clothes.”

“On it.” Matt zips out of the girl’s room, leaving Kaitlin all alone.

Okay, I’ll need a lot of clothes for Krystal, Stephanie, Sophia, and April… It’s a good thing I own a lot of clothes. Kaitlin opens her bottom dresser drawer and starts emptying its contents into her bag. I’m gunna need another bag pretty soon… Kaitlin jumps up and jogs to her closet to grab a backpack. As she is hurrying back to her dresser, she hears a loud thud from downstairs. Oh no…

“What was that?” Kaitlin turns around to see Matt once again standing in her bedroom.

“Probably nothing.” Thud! “Okay, I’m sure Daniella can handle it.” Thud! I hope…


“Did you tell Nathaniel what's going on?”

“I—” Thud! “I told him your plan…”

“But did you tell him that these guys showed up?”

“No, not yet…”

“Well don’t! There’s no need to—” Thud! “…Need to worry him. Keep packing his clothes, please.”

“…Sure.” And again, Matt exits quicker than humanly possible.

Now where was I? Thud! Oh, right. Worrying about my sister. Kaitlin opens her drawer second from the top and starts throwing clothes into the backpack. Why did they have to wear earplugs? It would’ve taken only one— Thud! One yell and we’d have been free to walk away. Now Daniella’s putting herself in danger and— Thud! And that keeps happening! What on earth is that?

“Kaitlin, I got enough of his clothes, I think.”

“Could you bring me that bag?” Thud! “And the other bag you packed?”

“Yeah.” For a second Kaitlin is along in the room, then Matt is back and a duffel bag and back pack are at her feet.

“Great, now how ‘bout you go get all the money you have, and find your brother’s money too.”

Matt nods and leaves again. Kaitlin hears another thud, but this time it is accompanied by an extremely large cracking noise. It’s fine, she’s fine, she can handle it…

Kaitlin goes back to her dresser and opens her top drawer, putting all of its unmentionables and socks into the backpack. She bends down to zip up the bag when she hears another loud thud and crack. She’s a big girl, she seemed confident enough earlier…

After putting the two backpacks with the bags Matt had brought in, Kaitlin goes to Daniella’s dresser to put clothes into the duffel bag Daniella had only been able to get socks into. She starts placing shirts and pants into the bag, but freezes when she hears a crash from downstairs. It’s alright Kaitlin, she’s one of the most powerful specials you’ve ever seen, she can fend for herself…

“Umm, Kaitlin?” Kaitlin lifts her head to see Matt holding a wallet in one hand and a wad of cash in the other. “What should I do with this?”

“Here.” Kaitlin holds out her hand and Matt leaves the money in her palm. “Could you go through all my purses and get the money out of them?” She puts the money next to her and finishes pakcing Daniella’s bag. Kaitlin stands up and retrieves Daniella’s money from its hiding place behind a family photo on her dresser. She gets distracted by the picture of the four children standing on Santa Monica Beach in California last summer. Kaitlin starts to reminisce about the fun they had playing in the sand and water but is snapped out of her daydream by a sudden gunshot.

“Oh my god!” Kaitlin whips around to see that Matt is paper white with fear.

“Shhhh, shhh, shhh, it’s okay, it’s okay.” Kaitlin puts her arms around her little brother’s shoulders and head. BANG! Matt jumps at the sound of the second gunshot, but Kaitlin continues to hold and comfort him.

A few more seconds of fear pass before they hear Daniella’s voice calling up to them: “Hey guys, let’s go, we—”

“Oh thank God!” Kaitlin practically collapses on top of Matt. “I thought… what if… Whew!” Alright now, pull yourself together, Kaitlin. “Matt, put all that money in Daniella’s bag please.” Kaitlin walks to her door and shouts down the stairs: “We’re almost ready!” No response. “Daniella?” Oh, come on now…

“Matt, get all of our toothbrushes and deodorant and stuff and put that all in Daniella’s bag, too, please.” Kaitlin runs down the stairs into the kitchen. The doorway to her left is blocked with a wall of ice and in front of the back door are two men trashing about in pain, clutching their faces; but Daniella is nowhere to be seen. Without warning, a large wave passes the window, crashing into their wooden fence. Well, she’s definitely fine… Kaitlin turns on her heels and rushes back up the stairs.

“Okay Matt, almost ready?”

“Yeah, I think so. I got everything you told me to get.”

“Good. Daniella’s okay, but we might want to leave, like, now. Unless you can think of anything else?”

“Hmmm… Oh! How about Nate’s laptop? For Alex?”

“Oh good idea, why not? And since it was your idea, you can go get it.” Kaitlin nudges her little brother on the shoulder.

“Gee, why not?”

Smart alec. Three seconds later Matt has the laptop and its power cord in his hands. “Alright, into the bag.” Kaitlin grabs two backpacks, putting one on her front and one on her back. “Here you go.” She puts a backpack on Matt’s back and hands him a duffel bag, grabbing one herself. “Ready?”

“Ready.” Matt grabs Kaitlin’s arm free arm and speeds down the stairs.

It’s so weird speeding around; from here it’s like time has stopped. Like that man on the floor who isn’t moving anymore… Wait a minute…

Matt speeds them around the man and out the door into their backyard-turned-warzone. The ground is covered in water and ice. Two bodies are frozen to the fence and four more are either completely frozen to the ground or simply pinned down. One man is face-down with an ice spike sticking out of his lower back, while four men lay behind him in a tangled mess, soaked with water; one of them has icicles in his chest. In the middle of this chaos is Daniella in mid-fall, a taser sticking out of her right shoulder blade; holding the other end of the taser is a man with a burnt-red face.

“Aaaaaahhhh!” No, no, no! This is all my fault!

Matt, determined, lifts Daniella into his arms, staggering under her weight. Calm down, she’s not dead. Stay calm for Matt. “Here, let me help you.” Kaitlin puts down the duffel bag and takes Daniella into her arms. Matt picks up the bag and starts running them away from the still frozen scene.

My fault, my fault. Kaitlin stares down at Daniella’s closed eyes and sees a tear from her own eyes drop onto her sister’s face.



“You might want to tell Nate everything now.”

Character Appearances


  • The title of this epsiode is a reference to Shakespeare's As You like It, which contains the lines :
Now go we in content

To liberty, and not to banishment.

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