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Episode number: 108
First aired: 4/22/2010
TheHunted Abandoned Warehouse.jpg
Written by: Skullman1392
Previous episode: A Thousand Words
Next episode: Rewritten


This episode is a fan creation and should not be considered canon.


  • Max arrives at the abandoned warehouse after escaping the government agents.
  • Scott and Alex show up to help Max, but run into a problem.


Oh god, where is that old warehouse again? Max ran in between the buildings around him and emerged onto the street, invisible. Was it on State or Wabash? He started running down the semi-busy sidewalk. I’ll just try Wabash first. He took a left at the corner and kept running, dodging people as best he could.

Max ran a couple blocks, only bumping into one woman on his way. Darn, maybe I do have the wrong street. Max crosses the intersection to get to State Street, slowing his run to a jog. I guess I could rest a little bit now that I lost 'em.

Max thinks back to how scared he was after Nathaniel had warned him. He had immediately turned invisible and rushed out into his backyard. As he hopped over his fence (a gate opening seemingly of its own accord would have been highly obvious and suspicious; Max learned this from previous experience) he heard the helicopter approaching from the north. Max had instantly started running as fast as could westward to avoid being detected by heat-seeking goggles, thankful that his mother had left five minutes before then to pick up his little brother and sister from day camp.

After about five minutes of running, he heard the helicopter return again. It was about half a mile east of him, heading south. It passed by and the sound faded away. Another minute passed and he heard it again, coming from the same direction, before it faded away again. This pattern repeated; the helicopter kept coming and going in the same manner, getting a little closer to Max with every pass. He had figured they were circling the area after finding his house empty. By the sixth pass, the helicopter had been a block behind him. Max had sped to the fastest his legs would carry him, wishing he had Matt’s ability instead of invisibility. He had heard the helicopter approaching and was preparing to create a forcefield to shield himself from harm when suddenly the noise of the rotating blades faded away again. He had looked up to the sky but saw no signs of a helicopter anywhere. He continued to run, periodically changing course or slowing to a jog, constantly looking back to the sky for a black helicopter, but never seeing or hearing it since.

Now Max could see the abandoned warehouse half a block ahead. Should’ve went to State Street first I guess. He turned into the alley which ran between the warehouse and other buildings, deciding to turn visible for the first time in forty-five minutes; once he was positive no one was around, of course.

As Max got closer to the back entrance, the four-story, red-bricked, almost windowless building seemed to loom over him. He walks under its shadow and grabs the handle of the black, rust-covered door. Max takes one more look behind him before turning back to the handle, sucking in a gulp of air, and finally yanking the door open.

Wow… Before him is a mostly open area with large but empty shelving units made of metal in the middle of the gigantic room. To his left is a big window that looks in on a little messy office. Max walks forward into a patch of light coming from a window on the wall to his left, a window that is just above the main double doors. On the opposite wall is a wooden freight elevator and a stairwell. Looking up, Max sees a metal walkway that both circles the room and stretches across it to meet in the middle. Max continues to creep forward, making his way around the shelves and coming to another smaller room which contains two huge generators that look too rusty to work anymore; the walls are lined with electrical boxes.

Max takes a step or two towards the generators, intrigued by them, when out of nowhere comes the loud creaking of a door opening. Uh-oh. Max turns invisible and pokes his head around the doorway to see who else is intruding.

He could see two silhouettes in the now open doorway: they looked like two boys, one just about his size, and the other about half his size. He could just barely make out what they were saying:

“Close that door, we don’t want to look suspicious.”

“Yeah, but what if he isn’t here?”

“Trust me, he’s here somewhere; even if we can’t see him.”

“Okay, but we better find him fast.”

“Well then shut the door so we can start!”

“Jeez, just ‘cause you had to tell me where to drive doesn’t mean you get to boss me around.”

I know these voices… As the older figure turns around to shut the door, Max makes himself visible again and walks out of the doorway. “Scott? Alex? What are you guys doing here?”

“Max! See, I told you, Scott.”

“Ah, shut it. Max, are you alright?”

“I’ve been better. Are you guys here to ‘rescue’ me?”

“You know it. Nathaniel had me leave summer school. I figure my friend’s safety is more important than make-up English work.”

Max smiled at that. “Glad to hear your priorities are straight. Why did you bring this one with you?”

“Hey!” Alex started to walk away, muttering to himself and examining the warehouse.

Scott chuckled and shook his head. “Gotta love that kid.”

“Yup. So what do we do now?”

“Good question. Why don’t you ask Nathaniel?”

“Oh yeah, I forgot that connection should still be open. One sec.” Max focuses on the link that was still in the back of his head. Hey Nate, you still there?

“Yeah, what’s up? You okay?”

Yeah, Scott and Alex found me. But what are we supposed to do now?

“Get to Canada. That’s where everyone else is gunna meet up. I’ll let you know the finer details when we actually figure them out.”

Cool, thanks a bunch.

“No problem. Let me know if anything comes up.”

I will. Max turns back to Scott. “Hey, we need to get to Canada. Apparently everybody is meeting there.”

“Really? Well okay then. C’mon Alex, let’s go!” The three boys start walking towards the back exit when something came to Max’s mind.

“Hey, how did you guys find me anyway?”

“It was no biggie. I just had Scott’s cell phone find your cell phone, and it led us right to you.”

“Huh…” Suddenly Max stopped in his tracks. “Wait a minute.” Scott and Alex both stopped and turned to look at him.

“What’s wrong?”

“If it was so easy for you to find me that way, wouldn’t it be possible for them to find us through our cell phones, too?”

“…Well I do have an advantage that no hacker has…”

“Yeah, but if this is a government thing, they’d have better people working for them than your everyday virus-creator! What if they’re waiting outside right now?!”

Scott turns and looks at the door. “Then we’d walk right into an ambush…”

“What are we gunna do? There’s no way to know if they’re even there or not!”

Alex perked up upon hearing that. “I wouldn’t say that… I’ve got an idea.”

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