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Scott Sutherland
Portrayed by Chris Massoglia
First appearance Warnings
In-story stats
Known ability Original ability:
Granted ability:
Healing (synthetic)
Age 17
Home Chicago
Sibling Alex Sutherland

Scott Sutherland is a boy who discovers he can both create fire and heal people's wounds.

Character History


Scott is in summer school when Nathaniel tells Scott that he and his brother need to go help Max, who is being hunted by the government. Scott replies that that he will do his best.


Scott goes to his classroom for the first day of summer school. After he is given an assignment to write in his notebook by his teacher, Scott decides to write about another experiance. He remembers the first time he consciously healed someone.

Six months ago, Scott sits in his backyard with Sophia. They talk about his newfound ability, and after showing him the good thing about being given an extra ability, she convinces him to heal the scar on the back of her leg. When Scott is succsessful, he is so excited that he kisses Sophia. Afterwards, he tries to apologize, but Sophia responds by kissing him back.

Scott is pulled out of his daydream by Nate, who warns him that Max is in danger. Nate asks Scott to get his little brother to help find Max, and Scott says that he will do his best. Scott decides to ask to use the bathroom but then sneak out to the parking lot, deeming his friend's life more important than getting in trouble for leaving summer school.

Scott pulls up to his house and finds Alex in the living room on the family computer. Scott explains the situation to Alex, and Alex asks for Scott's phone. Alex explains to Scott that he can use Scott's phone to find Max's phone, leading them straight to Max. Alex does this and tells Scott to drive straight. Alex then asks Scott what will happen if the men chasing Max are present when they find him; Scott replies that they will have to fight.

A Thousand Words

Sophia looks at pictures of Scott and their friends. The pictures include them all ice skating and all in Nathaniel's basement, with Sophia's head on his shoulder. There are photos of him at a pool with Max, Krystal, and Stephanie, and Scott with all the boys in Max's kitchen. Also among the photos are the eight friends bowling and the eight of them posing for homecoming pictures in April's living room. Later, Sophia looks at a teddy bear that Scott had given her.


Scott and Alex enter the abandoned warehouse; Scott is doubtful that Max is actually there, but Alex is positive that he is. The two start arguing when suddenly Max appears. Scott is glad to see Max safe, explaining to him that he left summer school for him. When Max asks Scott what they do now, Scott says to ask Nathaniel.

After being told by Nathaniel to go to Canada, Max tells Scott and Scott calls Alex over. As the three start walking to the exit, Max asks Scott how they found him; Alex replies that he tracked Max's cell phone with his ability. Max freezes and insists that the government people could do the same thing and could be waiting outside for them as they speak. Scott suspects an ambush while Max freaks out that they can't know if it is safe to leave, but Alex says he has an idea.

Now Go We In Content

Kaitlin tells Matt to pack a lot of Nathaniel's clothes, because Scott can fit into them.

Evolved Human Abilities

Scott naturally possesses the ability to create fire. He can manipulate the fire once he creates it, whether in his hands, or from a distance.

Scott recently discovered that he was injected as a baby with an experimental formula, and thus recieved a second ability. Scott can heal the wounds of other people. He is still learning to use it, but he can heal most minor wounds without too much effort.

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