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Daniella Schaffer
Portrayed by Isabelle Fuhrman
First appearance Warnings
In-story stats
Known ability Water and Ice Manipulation
Age 13
Home Chicago
Siblings Nathaniel Schaffer,
Kaitlin Schaffer,
Matt Schaffer

Daniella Schaffer is a girl who discovers she can manipulate water and ice.

Character History


After Nathaniel wakes up, Daniella begins playing the piano. Kaitlin is annoyed by this, and makes Daniella stop. This, in turn, upsets Daniella and the two start arguing.

Later, Nathaniel warns Matt to get Daniella and Kaitlin out of the house becuase they aren't safe there.

Thinking Logically

Daniella talks to Matt at the kitchen table while Matt eats a mid-day breakfast. Daniella comments on how late Matt is getting up, and reveals that she was up at seven; when Matt asks her why, she says that it is none of his business and leaves the room. She goes to the living room and watches TV, where Matt runs in and tells her that they need to leave the house. Daniella doesn't believe him, so he leaves the room.

Later, Kaitlin forces Daniella to come up to their room, where Kaitlin tells Daniella about what Nate had told Matt and about her plan. Matt yells for the girls to come to the front door, where they see two black vans full of men dressed head to toe in black. When Kaitlin tries to make the men leave to no avail, Daniella recognizes that they must have earplugs in and thus can't hear her commands. Daniella tells Matt and Kaitlin to go upstairs and pack while she holds the agents off.

Tower Of Strength

Daniella is sitting in her living room watching TV to forget her fight with Matt when her sister calls her up to their room. Once there, Kaitlin tells her that some men are coming to capture them. Daniella is outraged that Kaitlin believed Matt, whom Daniella thought was only trying to scare her. Kaitlin explains that Matt was genuinely freaked out and asks Daniella to forget about it. Daniella gives in and Kaitlin explains to her that they won't be able to stay at home if the men truly want to capture them. She says that since Matt can get them out in an instant, they should spend the little time they have gathering clothes and other supplies for themselves and anybody else on the run. Daniella agrees and begins packing some of her clothes.

A minute later, Daniella hears her brother calling her and Kaitlin from downstairs. They both run down to the living room and look out the front door to see two black vans with armed men getting out of the back doors. As Kaitlin begins yelling in an attempt to make the men leave, Daniella realizes that if they leave now, they will have to steal to survive, something she doesn't want to do. She knows that Matt can speed up the packing process, but it still won't be fast enough. She walks to Kaitlin and tells her to stop yelling, as the men were ready to prevent her power. She then tells the two to keep packing while she holds off the men. Matt reluctantly agrees and speeds Kaitlin upstairs, leaving Daniella alone.

Daniella locks the front door, deciding to leave the back door open for an escape route. She begins to create an ice wall in the doorway between the kitchen and the living room when she hears a repeated pounding on the door. When there is only a hole left in the wall, the men break fully through the door. She shoots a jet of water from her hand through the hole, hitting the first man in the head and freezing the water as he falls back onto the men behind him. She finishes closing up the hole and walks towards the ice wall to double check that it is thick enough when she hears gunfire. She drops to the ground, but looks up to see that there is no visible damage in sight. She hears another shot and realizes the men are trying to shoot through the ice wall. Confident that her wall is thick enough, she stands up to call Matt and Kaitlin when she hears the backyard gate opening. She moves next to the sink, putting her hands behind her back and turning them into water. When two men rush into the back door, Daniella stretches her arms in front of her, sending boiling hot water at the men's faces. She steps over the men and out the back door.

She walks onto the back porch to see four men running towards the gate. Daniella goes to stand in front of the pool in the backyard and lifts all the water out of the pool to create a giant tidal wave that hits the men as they enter the yard. Once the men are hit, Daniella freezes the water, freezing two men to the fence, one to the ground, and causing a fourth man to shatter. She slowly walks towards the fence that faces the black vans, exhausted. As she gets close, she sees another black van pull up. She gets into a fighting stance and hits the next three agents with a splash of water that, combined with the newly fozen water under their feet, causes them to fall to the ground. Daniella moves the ice around their torsos, pinning them on the ground. She then sends an ice spike at the next man, hitting him in the stomach, and sends icicles at the man after him, hitting him in the chest and making him fall onto the man behind him. She creates another blast of water that hits the two remaining men, knocking them onto their backs. Daniella begins to move the water around them in an attempt to freeze them to the ground, but she feels an electric shock run through her body and blacks out.

A Thousand Words

Sophia looks at a picture of Daniella, Matt, and Nathaniel.

Now Go We In Content

Kaitlin worries about Daniella as she hears repeated thuds from downstairs. As she packs Daniella's clothes, she convinces herself that Daniella can handle it. Kaitlin then takes Daniella's money from its hiding place. She pauses, reminiscing about days gone past when suddenly a gunshot rings out. Kaitlin fears the worst as another is heard, but holds Matt, comforting him and putting on a brave face for him. Daniella yells upstairs to tell Kaitlin and Matt to get moving. Kaitlin is releived she is okay, but worried when she doesn't answer her calls. Kaitlin goes downstairs to see a large wave pass the window and crash into the fence. Kaitlin concludes that Daniella is still fine, so she goes back upstairs to finish packing.

When they come downstairs with the bags, they find that Daniella has been tasered. Kaitlin gets very upset, blaming herself, but aagain tries to calm down for Matt's sake. She takes Daniella into her arms and Max rushes away from the home as Kaitlin cries for her little sister.

Evolved Human Abilities

Daniella has the ability to manipulate ice and water. She can also mimic the properties of both ice and water, but has not yet been shown to manipulate water in its gas form.

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