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Dimitri McAllister
Portrayed by Tyler James Williams
First appearance Warnings
In-story stats
Known ability Wind Manipulation
Nickname Di
Age 18
Home Chicago
Sibling Shelly McAllister

Dimitri McAllister is a boy who discovers he can control the wind.

Character History


Nathaniel warns Dimitri that government agents wil be coming to capture him and that Dimitri needs to warn and save Krystal and Sophia. Nathaniel further instructs Dimitri to fly with the girls to Canada where everyone will meet. Dimitri agrees to do so, but is not very happy about it.

Cruel To Be Kind

After Dimitri ariives home from a vacation with his family, he helps bring in the luggage and makes his little sister, Shelly, a sandwich. When she is done, he brings her to bed and tries to get some sleep himself, but he is interupted by Nathaniel. Nathaniel warns him of the men coming to capture him and asks him to rescue Krystal and Sophia and take them to Canada for safety. Dimitri agrees and checks on Shelly, who is fast asleep. After kissing her forehead and grabbing a hooded sweatshirt, Dimitri flies out his window to go to Krystal's house.

When he gets to Krystal's house, he finds her in her bedroom window. He raps on her screen window, initially scaring her, but upon realizing who it is, she calms down. He explains to her everything Nate had told him and adds that he believes they will end up working to stop the operation to capture evolved humans. When Krystal tries to tell her mom and dad about everything and why she needs to leave, Dimitri insists that they cannot tell their parents or siblings anything for their own safety. Krystal agrees and Dimitri pulls her through her window and into the air. After she decides that she wants to imagine she is flying on her own, Dimitri turns her around and holds her from behind, flying off to Sophia's house.

Once they land on Sophia's roof, Krystal finds where Sophia's bedroom should be and asks Dimitri to wait on the roof for the two of them. She tells Dimitri that they will come out the back and then she falls through the roof. Dimitri sits down to wait. After a few minutes, he stand up to see if there is any sign of the girls, but notices a black van pulling up to the front of Sophia's house. He drops down close to the roof to avoid being seen and desperately tries to re-contact Nathaniel in hopes that he will know what to do.


Nathaniel mentions to Stephanie that he has a mind link open with Dimitri.

A Thousand Words

Sophia looks at pictures of Dimitri and their friends. The pictures include them all ice skating, them all in Nathaniel's baesment, and Dimitri at a pool with Stephanie, Krystal, and Scott. Also among the photos are Dimitri in Max's kitchen with the boys, the eight friends bowling, and the eight of them posing for homecoming pictures in April's living room. Sophia also looks at a movie that she had forgoten to return to Dimitri.

Later, Krystal mentions that Dimitri flew her to Sophia's house and would wait for them in her backyard. As the girls are trying to escape, Dimitri takes out an agent with his ability and then flies the two girls away from the house and the other agents.

Now Go We In Content

Kaitlin tells Matt to pack a lot of Nathaniel's clothes, because Dimitri can fit into them.

Evolved Human Abilities

Dimitri can manipulate the wind. He can cause bursts of wind, create tornados, and even direct wind currents around himself to mimic flight.

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