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Max Montgomery
Portrayed by Lucas Till
First appearance Warnings
In-story stats
Known ability Original ability:
Granted ability:
Force Field Projection (synthetic)
Formal name Maximillion Montgomery
Age 17
Home Chicago

Max Montgomery is a boy who discovers he can both turn invisible and create force fields.

Character History


Nathaniel, after discovering that government men are going to capture Max, warns Max to get out of his house. When Max asks where he is supposed to go, Nathaniel tells him to go to the abandoned warehouse on State Street, where somebody will meet up with him. Max thanks Nathaniel for the warning.


Nathaniel warns Scott about Max, asking him to get his little brother and go help Max escape. Scott agrees to help. Later, Alex asks Scott what will happen if the men chasing Max are there when they find him; Scott replies that they will have to fight.

Thinking Logically

Nathaniel warns Matt about the men coming to capture the Schaffers, telling Matt that the same men are targeting Max, and that they won't stop with just him.


Nathaniel mentions to Stephanie that he has a mind link open with Max.

A Thousand Words

Sophia looks at pictures of Max and their friends. The pictures include them all ice skating, them all in Nathaniel's basement, and Max with the other boys in his kitchen. Also among the photos are the eight friends bowling and all of them posing for homecoming pictures in April's living room. Later, Sophia looks at an electronic drum set that she used to use with Max, Stephanie, and Nathaniel.


Max runs down a street, invisible, trying to find the wareouse Nathaniel told him about. As he searches, he remembers the fear he felt when he fled from his house moments before the helicopter showed up. He had ran as fast as he could, barely evading the helicopter that was circling the area around his home.

Finally Max finds the warehouse and decides to go in through the alley. After making sure nobody is watching him, Max turns visible and opens the back door. He enters, in awe of the size of the place. He looks around, finding a generator room. As he is examining the generators, he hears the back door open again. He quickly turns invisible again and witnesses two people fighting about finding somebody. Max recognizes that the two are Scott and Alex, so he reveals himself to them. They are happy to see him okay, and tell him that Nathaniel sent them. When Max asks Scott what they should do next, Scott tells him to ask Nate; Nate in turn tells Max to get to Canada, where everybody else is meeting. Max tells this to the other two, but as they start to leave, something comes to Matt's mind. He asks how they found him, and Alex explains that he used cell phones and his ability. Max realizes that the governtment could find them in the same manner just as easily and that there are probably men waiting outside at that very moment. Max starts to freak out, but alex tells him that he has a plan.

Now Go We In Content

Kaitlin tells Matt to pack a lot of Nathaniel's clothes, because Max can fit into them.

Evolved Human Abilities

Max naturally posses the ability to become invisible to the naked eye. He can extend his ability to the objects and people he touches.

Max recently discovered that he was injected as a baby with an experimental formula, and thus recieved a second ability. Max can create force fields that are translucent. The strength of his force fields depend on his state of mind: the harder he concentrates, the stronger they are; the more distraught he is, there is a higher chance of his force fields breaking.

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