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Thinking Logically
Episode number: 103
First aired: 1/18/2010
Hunted Thinking Logically.jpg
Written by: Skullman1392
Previous episode: Daydreams
Next episode: Cruel To Be Kind


This episode is a fan creation and should not be considered canon.


  • Matt Schaffer is warned by his brother to leave the house with his sisters.
  • After discussing what to do, agents show up at the house.


Matt. Matt, you have to get up. I don’t care if you were up playing on your DS all night, it doesn’t mean you can sleep all day. Come on, it’s almost eleven!”

“Ugh…..” Beautiful. That’s just what I want to wake up to. Oh well, another ten minutes won’t kill me.

Forty-five minutes later, Matt is still asleep. “Matt, get your butt out of bed now!”

Darn it… Matt feels the loss of control over his limbs as his legs swing over the side of the bed, hitting the floor, and his arms push off the bed to raise his torso the rest of the way up. Great. Guess I don’t have a choice now…

Another fifteen minutes later and Matt is sitting at the kitchen table, eating a bowl of Frosted Flakes and reading the comic page of the day’s newspaper. Daniella walks into the kitchen and stands across the table from him. “Wow, it’s about time you got up.”

“Shut up, Daniella. How early did you get up, six?”

“Seven, actually. I had something to do.”

“Why? It’s June, school just got out two weeks ago, and you don’t want to sleep in?”

“Why wouldn’t I? But I just said, I had stuff to do today.”

“Like what? What could be that important?”

“It’s none of your business!” Daniella shouts, storming out of the room.

“Weirdo.” Matt mutters, looking back to the paper and his mid-day breakfast. Suddenly a voice pops into his head:

“Matt, you have to listen to me. Get your sisters out of the house now, some men are going to come and try to capture you.”

Matt drops his spoon in shock. Are you sure?

“I know they are going after Max, and I know they aren't going to stop with just him. There are a lot of us with abilities, I’m sure they know about us, too.”

Fine, I’ll tell the girls.

“Hurry up!”

Matt pushes his half-eaten cereal aside and runs into the living room where Daniella has turned on the TV. “Daniella! We have to leave the house!”

“Shut up, Matt.”

“No, really! Nate just told me that some bad people are coming to capture us!”

“Yeah right, just leave me alone.”

“Ugh! Kaitlin!” he yells upstairs.

“What is it?”

Matt speeds up to the girl’s room. “Kaitlin, Nate just told me that some guys went after Max and they are probably going after others and they are most likely targeting him because of his powers and they probably know about us and we are gunna be targeted and they should know where we live too, so we need to leave!”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down. Are you absolutely sure?”

“Yes! And Nate told me we need to hurry, they could be here any minute!”

“Well, we don’t know exactly when they will be here…”

“Kaitlin! Are you kidding me? If we don’t know, then shouldn’t we get out as soon as possible?”

“Matt, with your power, we could leave after they get here and still get away. So we should think logically about the scenario. If they really want to capture us, they aren’t going to give up if they come to our house and find it empty. So we won’t be able to come back unless we stop the operation, and it sounds like there are a lot of people involved in chasing us if they can go after so many of us, so this is no small mission. This is a huge operation we need to stop, and it will take a long time, meaning we won’t be able to stay at home for a long time. We don’t have a lot of money, so we should save that money by taking what we can now, for us and for everyone else who doesn’t have time on their side like we do. We should get some backpacks and get as many clothes as we can; it’s the least we can do to help ourselves and others.”

“You’re over-thinking things.”

“No, I think you’re under-thinking them. We should be safe and do this my way. Why don’t you start getting clothes for you and Nate, and try to get multiple sizes. I’ll explain this to Daniella and start up here. Daniella, come here!”

“Why not, it's not like I have a choice!” was the sarcastic reply Matt heard along with the sound of feet climbing the stairs. He leaves the room and goes into the one he shares with Nathaniel. I should tell Nate about this. The connection with him is still open, right? Matt feels the mental connection and reaches back out to him. Nate, I’ve got a problem here.

“What is it?”

Kaitlin wants to wait as long as we can and grab clothes and things for everybody.

“…Well, it’s not very safe, but it might be helpful to have.”

Nate, please tell me you’re joking. Shouldn’t we be getting out like you said?

“Well yeah, but we could be gone a long time, we’ll need basic stuff… actually, everyone will…”

Yeah, yeah, I just heard all that. Fine, I’ll go with it, but I still don’t like it…

“Just move around as fast as you can, and if they show up, get out right away.”

Got it.

“Keep me updated.”

Bye. Matt speeds around his house during this conversation, going from the basement where he grabs freshly folded clothes from a shelf to the living room where he dumps out the contents of his backpack. Then he is back upstairs, stuffing the clothes from the basement and anything from the drawers into the backpack that will fit. Once he is almost finished, he hears the screeching of tires outside. He runs to the front door to see a black, unmarked van parked in front of the house. “Girls, get down here!” As they run down the stairs, another van pulls up. Men get out the back doors of the first van, dressed head to toe in black and carrying what look like rifles.

Kaitlin, panicking, yells as loud as she can, “Leave us alone! Go away!” but the men keep moving. “Oh God, we barely started packing! Get out of here! Leave!”

“Kaitlin! It’s not working! They probably have earphones in; you know your power doesn’t work unless you can be heard!” Daniella tells Kaitlin. “You two keep packing, I’ll hold them off.”

“What? Daniella, you can’t!”

“Oh, and you can, Matt? No, you need to help Kaitlin pack. Go upstairs and do that. Now!”

Shocked by Daniella’s rare display of ferocity, Matt grabs Kaitlin and rushes upstairs to pack as quickly as possible. Man, I knew I really didn’t like this…

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