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Ando Masahashi (explosion future)

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Ando Masahashi
Ando Masahashi (explosion future).jpg
Portrayed by James Kyson Lee
First mentioned Five Years Gone
In-story stats
Known ability None
Nickname Future Ando
Date of death November 8, 2006

Ando Masahashi was Hiro Nakamura's best friend and co-worker. His death greatly affected Hiro, changing his demeanor and motivating him to travel to the past in hopes of altering events.

Character History

Five Years Gone

Ando is talking to Future Hiro, and asks where his own future counterpart is, and whether he is rich and famous. Future Hiro tells him that he cannot say, and Ando asks him why not. Future Hiro pauses for a moment, and replies, smiling for the first time, that the whole space-time continuum might implode, because Ando was impatient. Ando smiles and says: "So, my friend is still in there." Future Hiro then thinks for a moment, and informs Ando there is something he needs to tell him. Before he can continue, Future Matt tasers him, and a team from Homeland Security enters and begin to take both Ando and Future Hiro captive. However, before they can do so, Future Peter stops time and teleports himself, Ando, and Future Hiro away. Once away, Future Peter and Ando talk while Future Hiro is unconscious. Future Peter asks Ando if it's really him. When Ando asks why he's surprised to see him, Peter explains that in the past Ando died in the explosion. He tells Ando that Hiro's change in behavior began the day he died and that he believes that Future Hiro's obsession with changing history is because he wants to save Ando.

The Hard Part

While watching Sylar and his adoptive mother from outside her apartment, Ando tries to convince Hiro to go inside and kill Sylar while he's distracted. Hiro claims he cannot kill a man who is asking for forgiveness, and that everyone deserves a second chance. Ando says that not everyone does, and says that the future version of Hiro would not hesitate to kill him. Hiro claims he doesn't want to be that man, and that his future self forgot that killing should be hard. Ando then asks if Hiro wondered where Future Ando was when they visited the future, and tells him that he was dead, and that Sylar killed him. He shows Hiro the final issue of the 9th Wonders! comic book series to prove this, which depicts a dead and mangled Ando beneath a fiery New York City skyline.


Hiro and Ando see Nathan on the street, walking to his car, and approach him with dire warnings of the future. They tell him that they are trying to prevent the bomb from going off, and that he needs to help them or a bad future will occur. Ando says that they went there, but he was already dead.


  • Some have found a discrepancy as to how Future Ando was killed. Future Peter tells Ando that he was killed by the bomb (Five Years Gone). Though Peter was the bomb, Ando later tells Hiro that it was Sylar who killed his future self, and Ando uses Isaac's final issue of the 9th Wonders! comic book series as proof (The Hard Part). However, Ando (and the rest of the future world) believed that it was Sylar who was the bomb, not Peter, which explains why Ando thought that Sylar was responsible for Future Ando's death. It should also be noted that Future Mohinder tells Hiro that the events depicted in that issue of 9th Wonders! did not occur in the future they visited.

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