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Train wreck

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Train wreck
A train accident wreaks havoc in Odessa, TX.

First mentioned: Genesis
Date of event: October 1, 2006
Location: Odessa, TX

On October 1st, Meredith Gordon causes a fiery train derailment in the town of Odessa, TX. Unbeknown to her, her daughter, Claire Bennet, saves a man from the explosion.

Notable Participants



Claire Bennet and Zach cross the police line surrounding the wreck on the way home from one of her attempts. Seeing another opportunity to test the limits of her regenerative ability, Claire charges into one of the burning cars while Zach videotapes her from afar. Inside the car, she notices a man overcome by the heat and smoke, whom she rescues and turns over to the Odessa Fire Chief to perform CPR. When a firefighter notices the lack of burns on her body, Claire flees.

Isaac watches the story of the train wreck on the news. He then glances over at a painting he made of the same train wreck, and realizes the scene he painted came true.

Later, at the Bennets' home, Claire tells her mom that she "walked through fire, but didn't get burned." Mrs. Bennet thinks Claire is speaking metaphorically. Meanwhile, Laura Lancaster reports on the train wreck for KFVD 4.

Don't Look Back

At school, authorities Sheriff Davidson and Officer Ramsford are trying to find out who saved the man from the fire at the train wreck. Jackie Wilcox eventually steps up to falsely take the credit. Claire asks the authorities about the man who tell her that he is still in bad shape, though grateful to be alive.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

The Odessa Register article about the train wreck is pinned next to Isaac's painting of the wreck in his room at Primatech Paper Co.


On the night of the Union Wells High School Homecoming Dance, Peter looks in a trophy case with a banner calling Jackie a "hero". He notices a newspaper clipping of Jackie, in her cheerleader outfit, accepting an award for rescuing the man from the train wreck. Moments later, Sylar later reads this same newspaper clipping, leading him to believe that the cheerleader mentioned in the article is an evolved human; he subsequently kills Jackie.

Company Man

When Mrs. Bennet learns of her daughter's healing power, she finally understands what Claire meant when she said she "walked through fire, but didn't get burned."


On the run from the Company, Meredith and her brother catch a freight train to escape to Mexico. After being cornered on the train by Thompson, Flint escapes and Meredith sets the train ablaze and escapes along side Thompson. Meredith's fire causes equipment on the train to explode, causing it to derail.

Once Upon a Time in Texas

At the Burnt Toast Diner, Sylar reads the Odessa Register which has a front page article about the train derailing and exploding.

Heroes Evolutions

Zach’s MySpace

In Zach’s second MySpace post, “Lost a Mini DV tape”, Zach asks his followers if anyone has seen his lost mini DV tape. He says that it is full of special effects and he thinks it could be at school or at the train track.

In Claire’s fourth comment on Zach’s MySpace, Claire asks Zach if he is okay because he has acted weird since the train wreck.


  • In a television news report on KVFD, it is mentioned that the train was registered to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, but there had been no official statement as to what was the train's cargo. Interestingly enough, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission owns no trains, planes, or boats in reality. In fact Eliot Brenner, who works in the Office of Public Affairs for the Commission, complained of the inaccuracy. In response, Oliver Grigsby suggested that perhaps Laura Lancaster was wrong in her report.
  • The information conveyed by the reporter may merely be a holdover from the initial cut of the pilot episode. In an October 12th interview, executive producer Tim Kring commented that the entire terrorist subplot was too controversial to go with. The November 8th blast may therefore have nothing to do with the train derailment in the new, refined storyline.
  • In reality, there is no "KVFD" television station in Texas. In fact, the only "KVFD" in the United States is a Spanish radio station based out of California, but is now under the name KTNQ.
  • In a deleted scene from the Tim Kring Cut, the train wreck is reported on KTMB, not KVFD.
  • In the script for the unaired pilot, Claire rescues a four-year-old wheelchair-bound child from a burning building, not an adult lieutenant victim from a train wreck.
  • A newspaper article found at the Quarry has the headline "train derails in Odessa, TX". Since the newspaper is from January 24, 2008, it is unlikely that this is the same train derailment, though it also just as unlikely that a small town like Odessa experienced two train derailments, less than two years apart from each other.


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