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Death threats

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Death threats
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First mentioned: Four Months Later...

Kaito Nakamura and Angela Petrelli each receive unusual death threats.


Four Months Later...

While Ando and Kaito sit in Kirby Plaza, a ripped picture of Kaito with a red symbol falls out of the New York Chronicle. Kaito tells Ando that he will die within the next day.

After arguing with Nathan in Peter's apartment, Angela finds a ripped picture of her with a red symbol scrawled over it. She is severely frightened.

On Charles Deveaux's rooftop, Angela and Kaito discuss the threats. Kaito believes someone is killing off a group of twelve friends who banded together years ago--and with Mr. Linderman, Mr. Petrelli, and Charles Deveaux all dead, only nine remain. Angela and Kaito hold their images side by side, and they are ripped from the same picture. Later, a hooded killer finds Kaito on the rooftop and drags him over the edge. Though Kaito's body is seen, the assassin is nowhere to be found.


Kaito's death threat becomes evidence in the NYPD's investigation into his death. Detective Matt Parkman questions Ando about it, specifically about the symbol on it.

Later, Angela is interrogated by Matt and Detective Fuller and is asked about Kaito's death threat. She claims that she knows nothing of it or the symbol besides the fact that the symbol was the logo of her husband's law firm. When tapped by Matt, however, her thoughts reveal that the death threat is the precursor to the revenge that someone seeks on them. Soon thereafter, Nathan and Matt witness Angela screaming inside the locked interrogation room, clutching her own death threat.

The Kindness of Strangers

After Angela confesses to the murder of Kaito, Nathan tells Matt he's not allowed to question a suspect in a hospital. Matt explains that he knows Angela didn't kill Kaito, and shows him the death threats. Nathan tells Matt he knows what picture that is from. Later, Nathan shows Matt the picture of a group of twelve that the death threats came from.

Matt explains to Mohinder the death threats made so far and the people in the photo who have died already. With Matt's father in the photo, Matt fears he may be dead, the next victim, or potentially the killer behind the death threats.

Fight or Flight

When Matt and Nathan visit Mr. Parkman's apartment, they find him with a ripped photo of himself with the red symbol on it. Also in the house is a photo of Bob, with the same symbol, and this leads Matt and Nathan to believe that Bob is the next target.

Out of Time

Matt enters the Company building with Nathan, he shows Bob the death threat, and they come up with a plan to combat Maury.

Truth & Consequences

After killing Victoria Pratt, Adam takes out a torn picture of Victoria, draws the Symbol on it in his own blood and leaves it on her dead body.



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