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The Bennets' home (Odessa)

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The Bennets' home (Odessa)
Bennets house.jpg
Claire Bennet and Zach walk outside the Bennets' home.
Location: Odessa, TX
Purpose: Residence

The Bennets' home was a two-story single-family home in suburban Odessa, TX.

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors



Claire tells her mother that she "walked through fire and didn't get burned". Later, she asks about her biological parents.

Don't Look Back

Mr. Bennet tells Claire that he's looking for her bio-parents.


Claire sneaks home from the coroner's office just as her mom calls her for breakfast.

Better Halves

Claire meets with Hank and Lisa.

Nothing to Hide

Sandra leaves Claire in charge of her brother Lyle, who finds her tape. He staples her hand and discovers her powers.


Mr. Bennet grounds Claire for punching Jackie. Zach visits Claire and sneaks her out of the house.

Six Months Ago

Claire tries to grab her cheerleading outfit from Jackie and cuts her hand on a cabinet.


Claire and Mr. Bennet discuss her powers. Later, Claire tries to discuss her tape with Lyle, but he doesn't remember anything about it. The Haitian arrives and tells Claire he has modified Lyle's and Zach's memories to make them forget her powers, but that it's important she remember.

Graphic Novel:Wireless, Part 3

Claire asks her father for homework help, but he is busy relaying espionage intelligence from an agent in Africa.


Claire and Mr. Bennet discuss the events of Homecoming, but Claire claims not to remember much.

The Fix

Claire and Zach search the family computer for information about Mr. Bennet and his activities. In her bedroom, Claire places a wind chime in her window to summon aid. Mr. Bennet notices the chime, and father and daughter continue lying to one another. From her bedroom, Claire calls her biological mother.


Sylar poses as a Primatech employee and enters the home. He attacks Sandra just before Mr. Bennet shoots him. The Haitian clears Sandra's mind, just in time for Claire and Zach to have fajitas.

Graphic Novel:Road Kill

Sylar escapes from the Bennets' home after being shot by Mr. Bennet. (Leading on from the events of Distractions)


Mr. Bennet and Sandra come home from an appointment with the neurologist. Later, Claire and Noah have an argument about fake aquarium tickets in her room. Downstairs, Claire finds a boiling pot of water, and Mr. Muggles barking at Sandra. She says she doesn't know who the dog or Claire are.


Claire, afraid that her mother doesn't remember anything, including her or Mr. Muggles, runs upstairs calling for her dad. After finding Lyle, they go downstairs, where Sandra remembers them as if nothing happened. While answering Claire about the memory loss she had, Sandra falls unconscious onto the floor. Coming back from the hospital, Claire, Lyle and their parents are surprised to find Matt and Ted, with Matt aiming a gun at them.

Company Man

In 1992, a young Haitian enters the house to erase memories from Mrs. Bennet.

In 2006, Ted melts a doorknob, and gains access to the home. He and Matt take the Bennet family hostage. Mr. Bennet and Matt leave the home to fetch Ted's file and return within an hour. Later, Thompson enters the house and shoots Ted. Ted's power becomes uncontrollable despite being injected with clonazepam, and a blaze ravages the home. All escape safely, including Claire who heals from normally fatal burns.


After the house burns, the family moves into a hotel room. To keep up appearances that her memory has been erased, Sandra pretends that there was a flood in the basement of her home.

Graphic Novel:Family Man

The family huddle outside their home and watch as Claire emerges from the flames.

Graphic Novel:Elle's First Assignment, Part 1

Elle watches Noah and Sandra on the grass outside their house when Mr. Muggles comes running up to her and begins barking. After pleading with him to quiet down, Elle begins charging the ground, but the sprinklers turn on and she ends up shocking herself.

Eden confronts Elle, and begins to beat her down, but Noah comes outside and tells Eden to leave Elle alone. Noah then tells Elle to stop spying on his family because watching over Claire is his job. Elle disagrees and tells him once Claire manifests her power, she'll be the one who trains her and will be as nice to Claire as Eden was to Elle. Elle leaves the Bennets' home.

Graphic Novel:Blindsided

Claire helps Noah pick out a pair of glasses after his vision is weakened.


  • The Bennets' street address is 26877.
  • Mr. Bennet's license lists his address as 9 Juniper Lane, Odessa, TX. In reality, there is no Juniper Lane in Odessa.
  • In the pilot, the Bennet's home was actually represented by a completely different house.


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