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Doyle's victims

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Doyle's victims
Powers Doyle "Dilman, we need to talk".jpg
Eric Doyle takes advantage of his boss.

First occurrence: Angels and Monsters

Using his dangerous ability to control the physical actions of others, Eric Doyle has been responsible for the deaths or injuries of the following victims.

List of Victims


Other Victims

  • Claire Bennet -- Eric captures Claire in the his theatre and forces her to play Russian roulette with her mothers, during which Claire is shot (Dying of the Light). Months later, Eric finds Claire again and uses his power to control Claire (Shades of Gray).
  • Sandra Bennet -- Eric captures Sandra and forces her to play Russian roulette with Meredith and Claire (Dying of the Light). Months later, Eric finds Sandra again and uses his power to control Sandra (Shades of Gray).
  • Emma Coolidge -- Eric uses his power to control Emma and force her to use a cello and her powers to draw thousands of people to Central Park. He forces her to play for so long that her fingers start bleeding. His control over her is broken when a break in concentration causes him to let go of control by accident, allowing Emma to blast him, defeating him. (Brave New World)
  • Kyle Dilman -- Kyle is forced to hit himself with a golf club by Eric (Nowhere Man, Part 2), and after abusing Lauren Shapiro, Eric controls Kyle outside the hospital (Nowhere Man, Part 3).
  • Meredith Gordon -- When Meredith tries to go capture Eric, she is subdued and forced to dine with, kiss (Angels and Monsters), and dance with Eric. She is later forced to play Russian roulette with Claire and Sandra. (Dying of the Light)
  • Mary -- At a new job, Eric uses his ability to force a female co-worker to shut up. As a result, Eric is fired. (Nowhere Man, Part 1)
  • Rachel Mills -- Eric controls Rachel and forces her to point her own gun at her head. He does not kill her but instead flings her into a wall and knocks her out. (Shades of Gray)
  • Several people -- After escaping from Primatech, Eric plays around with his ability and victimizes several people. (Puppet with No Strings)
  • Sylar -- Eric manages to control Sylar before he is about to kill Meredith. However, Sylar is able to overpower Eric (Dual). Doyle later takes control of Sylar when he comes to save Emma Coolidge and holds him in the air to prevent him from stopping him. However, this causes him to get distracted with controlling Emma and he accidentally lets her go, resulting in her blasting him, which breaks his control over Sylar. (Brave New World)
  • Mr. Vervoort -- Eric makes his supervisor at Copy Kingdom Headquarters stab himself in the leg with a pair of scissors. (Chapter 1 of The Puppet Master)


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