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Matt's victims

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Matt's victims
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Matt forces Gibson to kill members of Danko's team.

First occurrence: One Giant Leap

After discovering his abilities, Matt harmed several people.

List of Victims

Direct Kills

Indirect Kills

Other Victims

  • Caspar Abraham — After Caspar knocks out a Harris clone, Matt points a gun at him and Noah but decides to let them go rather than kill them. (June 13th, Part Two)
  • A Primatech guard — While escaping from his cell, Matt knocks a guard unconscious with a pipe to the head. (.07%)
  • Claire Bennet — Working with Ted Sprague, Matt holds Claire and the other members of the Bennet family hostage. In a desperate attempt to placate Ted, Matt shoots Claire on the urging of Noah since Claire can regenerate and Ted wants to kill someone. (Company Man)
  • Lyle Bennet — Working with Ted Sprague, Matt holds Lyle and the other members of the Bennet family hostage. (Company Man)
  • Noah Bennet — In order to get answers about what the Company did to them, Matt and Ted Sprague take Noah and his family hostage. However, when Ted starts to get out of control, Matt works with Noah to subdue him. (Company Man) Working with Mohinder and Peter, Matt drugs Noah's drink and interrogates him for useful information on Danko's team. Matt's rough mind reading causes Noah trauma as Noah resists Matt's power. (Cold Wars) Matt uses two mind controlled members of Danko's team to hold Noah, Danko, Nathan and the control room personnel back in Building 26 then when the power's out, briefly keeps Noah from coming after him telepathically. (Exposed) On June 13, 2014, Matt is brought in to interrogate Noah on what happened to Claire when he refuses to give Renautas what they want willingly. Matt hesitates after learning that Claire is dead but continues on the orders of a Harris clone. Matt is able to learn that Claire died in childbirth but Caspar Abraham erases Noah's memory of the day, preventing Matt from learning more. After Caspar knocks out the clone, Matt holds the two men at gunpoint but decides to let them go rather than kill them. (June 13th, Part Two)
  • Sandra Bennet — Working with Ted Sprague, Matt holds Sandra and the other members of the Bennet family hostage. (Company Man)
  • Emile Danko — While infiltrating Building 26 in search of Daphne, Matt uses two guards he is mind controlling to keep the control room personnel trapped, including Danko. After Noah disables Matt's power with the fire alarm, Danko goes after Matt who holds him back briefly telepathically while the power's out before it goes back on and he's overpowered again. (Exposed) As a form of revenge, Matt later makes Danko reveal the truth about himself to Alena, but can't bring himself to kill the man. (Turn and Face the Strange)
  • Emergency Room doctor — After escaping from Building 26 with a badly wounded Daphne, Matt uses his power to make the doctor not report Daphne's gunshot wound to the police and to allow Matt to remain close to her. (Cold Snap)
  • Eli — After Eli is subdued by Peter and Sylar, Matt brainwashes the man against Samuel Sullivan. (Brave New World)
  • Eli's clones — When confronted several of Eli's clones, Matt attempts to telepathically force them to stop, but is unable to as only the real Eli has a mind he can manipulate. Matt attacks the clones, but loses and is nearly killed before Peter and Sylar subdue the real Eli. (Brave New World)
  • Hana Gitelman — In a cemetery, Matt points a gun at Hana after she appears at a meeting between him and Ted Sprague. (Unexpected)
  • Carlos Gutierrez — After Carlos is captured at Sunstone Manor, Matt forces him to relive his experiences in the Afghanistan War. (Sundae, Bloody Sundae) Matt again forces him to relive the experience and threatens Carlos' life to get Farah Nazan to cooperate. Matt orders Carlos killed, but Carlos escapes. (11:53 to Odessa)
  • Residents of Sunstone Manor — As the Director of Sunstone Manor, Matt kept the residents under mind control to make them docile. (Sundae, Bloody Sundae, 11:53 to Odessa, Send in the Clones) Matt later tells Erica Kravid that he "ravaged" all of the minds she sent to Sunstone Manor. (Company Woman)
  • Tom McHenry — After discovering that Tom has been having an affair with his wife, Matt punches his former friend in the face. (Nothing to Hide)
  • Decoy kidnapper — During his NYPD detective's exam, Matt reads the mind of the decoy hostage, determines which is the kidnapper in the scenario and shoots her with fake bullets, causing no harm but allowing him to pass his exam. (Four Months Later...)
  • Knox — Confronted by Knox, Matt manages to create a realistic illusion that tricks Knox into thinking that he has killed Matt and Daphne. (Eris Quod Sum)
  • Taylor Kravid — After Taylor reveals that her mother has no intention to take Matt and his family to the future, Matt forcibly subdues Taylor and takes her hostage. Matt reads Taylor's mind and learns of her pregnancy and forces her to come with him quietly. (Send in the Clones) In Gateway, Matt forces Taylor to hold a gun to her head and threatens to make Taylor kill herself and her baby if Erica doesn't give him the transport watches he wants. Once Erica does, Matt releases his control over Taylor and leaves. (Company Woman)
  • Farah Nazan — After Farah is captured, (The Lion's Den) she is taken to Matt at Sunstone Manor where he repeatedly tries to interrogate her for the location of Malina. However, Farah is able to resist his efforts. Matt is eventually able to read Farah's mind by brining Carlos Gutierrez to her and forces her to give up where Malina is going. (11:53 to Odessa)
  • Maury Parkman — Along with Nathan, Matt confronts his father and tries to read his mind. To his surprise, Matt learns that Maury is telepathic too and Maury is able to use his more advanced ability to briefly trap Matt and Nathan in a nightmare. (Fight or Flight) Maury later traps Matt in Molly's nightmare, but Matt is able to use his advancing abilities to pull Maury inside as well. Using his love for Molly, Matt is able to escape the nightmare with her and trap his father within instead. (Out of Time)
  • Building 26 personnel — Working with Peter, Matt used two mind controlled guards to hold the personell in the Building 26 control room hostage. (Exposed)
  • Angela Petrelli — After discovering that he can now push thoughts, Matt uses his new talent to force Angela to tell him the truth about Adam Monroe and Victoria Pratt, causing Angela to have a nosebleed. (Cautionary Tales)
  • Nathan Petrelli — While confronting his father, Matt and Nathan are trapped in a nightmare where they are tricked into fighting each other. After reading Nathan's mind, Matt learns the truth and ceases struggling with Nathan, instead attempting to wake him up. Finally, Matt manages to project their need to wake up into Nathan's mind and snap them out of the nightmare and fight. (Fight or Flight) While infiltrating Building 26, Matt takes control of two guards and forces them to hold the control room personnel hostage, including Nathan. Matt later holds Nathan back telepathically while the power in Building 26 is briefly out, but loses control of him once the power comes back on. (Exposed)
  • Peter Petrelli — While trying to learn about Peter's role in the attack on Claire Bennet, Matt attempts to read his mind but Peter inadvertently mimicks Matt's power, causing them both pain. (Fallout) Matt later tries to force Peter to go after Adam Monroe, but Peter is able to resist Matt's power and instead fling him down a hallway. (Powerless)
  • Rene — At Sunstone Manor, Matt faces off with Rene and Taylor Kravid and after learning that Erica Kravid has no intention of taking him or his family to the future, fires his gun next to Rene's ear, stunning him. With Rene distracted, Matt is able to overpower Rene's power and force him to leave. (Send in the Clones)
  • Armed robber — While working as a cop, Matt chases down the armed robber and runs him off the road, using his ability to avoid pedestrians. (Control)
  • Jessica Sanders — Protecting Aron Malsky, Matt gets into a brief gunfight with Jessica at Ridgway Jewelry. Matt eventually gets the drop on Jessica and holds a gun to her head before handcuffing Jessica to a stair railing. After learning that Matt was able to hear Niki, Jessica distracts him by saying that Niki is probably killing Aron as they speak. While Matt's away, Jessica breaks out of Matt's handcuffs and throws him out a window before killing Aron. (Run!)
  • Stanley — In order to break into the Kirby Plaza building and destroy the Company's tracking system, Matt telepathically pulls personal information from Stanley's mind to get himself and Noah through security. After Matt pulls embarrassing information from Stanley, he lets them through. (Landslide)
  • Sylar — While chasing Sylar to save Molly Walker, Matt shoots him several times. However, Sylar survives and escapes. (One Giant Leap) In Kirby Plaza, Matt shoots at Sylar four times, but Sylar sends the bullets back at Matt, gravely wounding him. (How to Stop an Exploding Man) On the orders of Angela and Noah, Matt makes Sylar think he's Nathan Petrelli, essentially turning Sylar into him. (An Invisible Thread) However, Sylar's mind gets stuck inside Matt's head as a result. (Jump, Push, Fall) In an attempt to stop Sylar, Matt tries to commit suicide by cop, (Shadowboxing) but he survives gravely wounded and is healed by Peter, allowing Sylar to return to his own body. (Brother's Keeper) Sylar eventually comes to Matt to remove his powers and though Matt can tell he's serious, he is unable to do so. On Janice's urging, Matt instead traps Sylar in a nightmare where one hour in the real world equals a year in the nightmare and bricks him up behind a wall in his basement, intending to forever trap him. (The Art of Deception) After Sylar is freed by Peter, Matt telepathically forces him to not leave, but Peter and Sylar convince Matt to let him go and give Sylar a chance to prove he's changed. (Brave New World)
  • Danko's team — Infiltrating Building 26 with Peter, Matt takes control of two of Danko's team and uses them to hold, Danko, Nathan and the personnel in the control hostage. His control is broken when Noah activates the fire alarm. When Rebel shuts down the power briefly, Matt is able to regain control over the guards long enough for Peter to escape but loses control again when the power comes back on. (Exposed) While escaping with Tracy and Mohinder, Matt is able to fool eight members of the team into believing the coast is clear so the group can get out of the building. (Cold Snap) When more of the team comes after him and his family, Matt is able to telepathically fool them into believing he, his ex-wife and his son are gone. (I Am Sylar)
  • Molly Walker — While arguing with Molly, Matt discovers the ability to push thoughts and uses it to make Molly eat her cereal rather than continue to argue with him. (Cautionary Tales)
  • Vanessa Wheeler — While working with Noah Bennet, Matt makes Vanessa tell them about her relationship with Samuel Sullivan. (Close to You)

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