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Mohinder's victims

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Mohinder's victims
Head shot.jpg
Mohinder shoots Noah square in the eye.

First occurrence: Don't Look Back

With his fiery desire to avenge his father's death, as well as his synthetic ability, Mohinder Suresh has been responsible for the deaths or injuries of the following victims.

List of Victims


  • "Elephant man" -- Mohinder does tests on the man, who suffers gigantic lesions and boils as a result of Mohinder's failed experiment. Mohinder later euthanizes him at his request. (It's Coming)
  • Noah Bennet -- Mohinder shoots Noah in the eye, temporarily killing him. (Cautionary Tales)

Other Victims

Victims from Alternate Timelines


  • In a deleted scene for Fight or Flight, Mohinder tasers Lonny Stills and saves the life of Monica Dawson. However, telling Monica "don't thank me yet", he then tasers Monica. This seems to be an alternate take on their meeting as the two meet during the episode and are friendly to each other in The Line.
  • Mohinder seemed to have killed Noah in Cautionary Tales, having shot him in the eye. However, it was later revealed that Noah was injected with Claire's blood, bringing him back to life.
  • During Heroes Reborn, Mohinder is blamed for the deaths of over two thousand people at the Odessa Unity Summit. However, he was actually framed by Erica Kravid with the true bomber being M. F. Harris who Mohinder attempted to stop.


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