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Maya's victims

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Maya's victims
Hana's website video of black tears 2.jpg
Hana Gitelman documented one of Maya's victims.

First occurrence: Maya y Alejandro

Many people have fallen accidental prey to Maya Herrera's deadly ability.

List of Victims


Victims Saved by Alejandro's ability

Victims Saved by Maya

  • Mohinder Suresh -- Maya's power activates, causing Mohinder to fall to the ground. She reverses her ability before it kills him. (Powerless) Mohinder seems to be in considerable pain when Maya activates her power again, but she reverses her ability after he convinces her to stop. (Angels and Monsters)
  • Molly Walker -- When Maya releases her power, Molly walks in with the symptoms, prompting Maya to reverse her ability. (Powerless)
  • Sylar -- At Cook Lake, Maya prevented Sylar's death by "reversing" her ability for the first time. (Truth & Consequences)
  • Mark Spatney -- When Maya activates her ability, it seems to effect Mark, who is trapped inside one of Mohinder's "cocoons". Mohinder convinces her to reverse it, after seeing this. (Angels and Monsters)


Victims edit

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