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Harris's victims

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Harris's victims
Summit explosion.png
Harris's clones detonate several bombs at the summit, killing thousands.

First occurrence: Dark Matters, Part 4

As an agent of Renautas, M. F. Harris has hurt and killed many people.

List of Victims


Ambiguous Kills

Other Victims

  • Quentin Frady - At Olympic Coin Laundry, Harris Prime confronts Quentin and sarcastically thanks him for leading Renautas to Hero Truther. Before Harris can shoot him, he's knocked out by the Hipster Dude with a fire extinguisher, allowing Quentin to flee. (Dark Matters, Part 6) Three Harris clones later hold Quentin, Noah Bennet and Taylor Kravid at gunpoint, but are killed by Noah before they can harm anyone. (The Needs of the Many) A Harris clone pistol-whips Quentin when he tells Erica that she won't get away with what she's doing, hurting him a bit. (The Lion's Den)
  • Miko Otomo - When Miko teleported into Yamagato Tower, Harris Prime attacked and subdued her. He later almost tortured her before she was rescued by Ren Shimosawa which resulted in his hand getting cut off. (Under the Mask) When Miko broke into The Kravids' home, a Harris clone shot at her but was stopped from hitting her by Noah Bennet. Miko kicked another in the face and was threatened at gunpoint to give back the sword by Harris Prime, but teleported away instead. (The Lion's Den) Harris and his clones later attempt to prevent Miko from returning to Evernow to free Hiro Nakamura, shooting at her, but Noah and Miko each kill a clone and Miko is able to get into Evernow. (Game Over) With help from Tommy Clark, Miko teleported to Sunstone Manor where she single-handedly held off an army of his clones. Armed with an axe, Harris Prime fought Miko himself one-on-one, ultimately beating her. Harris came close to killing Miko, but she gained the upper hand at the last minute and killed him instead. (Send in the Clones)
  • Noah Bennet - As Noah breaks into Renautas with Quentin and Taylor, three Harris clones threaten the group. Noah shoots a fire extinguisher to create a cloud of vapor and the clones and Noah exchange fire. Noah kills the clones without them harming any of his group. (The Needs of the Many) When Noah breaks into Erica's home, Harris Prime ambushes him at gunpoint and forces him to drop his gun. Later, a Harris clone holds him hostage and Noah struggles with him when Miko breaks in. (The Lion's Den) After breaking free, Harris Prime returns with two clones and fires at Noah who ducks behind bulletproof-glass doors. After Quentin's death, Harris Prime arrives with two more clones and Noah tries to convince him that Erica is just using him. Harris Prime fires at Noah, but Hiro Nakamura emerges from Evernow and freezes time around Noah, saving him. Hiro then takes Noah back in time, leaving Harris confused as to why he failed to shoot Noah. (Game Over) At the Odessa Unity Summit on June 13, 2014, the 2014 Noah is injured when Harris bombs the summit. (June 13th, Part One) A Harris clone later captures Noah and holds him at gunpoint as Matt Parkman interogates him for information on Claire. However, Caspar Abraham erases Noah's memory of the day before Matt can learn more than the fact that Claire died giving birth. Seeing Noah as no longer useful, the Harris clone prepares to shoot him but is knocked out by Caspar. Afterwards, Matt chooses to let Noah and Caspar go before the clone wakes up again. A Harris clone ends up in a stand-off with Noah at Hiro Nakamura's home, but is teleported across the room by Nathan, allowing Noah to safely shoot him. (June 13th, Part Two)
  • Farah Nazan - In Canada, a Harris clone tries to capture Farah and get at Malina, but Farah and Malina manage to escape. Harris' team later catches up to them again and Phoebe Frady blocks Malina's powers, keeping her from fighting back. As Farah and Malina flee, Harris shoots Farah in the back and captures her, eventually taking her to Sunstone Manor. (The Lion's Den) Later, at Sunstone Manor, three Harris clones confront Farah and Carlos with guns. Farah turns invisible, allowing her and Carlos to each kill a clone before they can react. The last clone aims at her, but before the clone can fire, Carlos kills him from behind, though Farah claims she had the situation under control. (Send in the Clones)
  • Ren Shimosawa - In the Renautas Research Division, Harris Prime and two clones fire at Ren, Miko, Noah and Quentin, but they are able to get behind bullet-proof glass doors and avoid Harris' fire. (Game Over)
  • Malina - A Harris clone leads a team that tries to kill Malina in Canada, but Malina escapes with the help of Farah Nazan. (The Lion's Den) Two Harris clones later work together with Quentin and Phoebe Frady to hunt down Malina. One Harris and the siblings capture Malina, but Luke Collins knocks out Phoebe and kills the clone. The second clone catches up to them outside of the field and takes aim at Malina, but suddenly disintegrates as Harris Prime is killed. (Send in the Clones)
  • Mohinder Suresh - On Erica's orders, Harris tranquilizes Mohinder, neutralizes his powers and drags him to the garage of the Odessa Unity Summit to frame him for the bombing. A Harris clone keeps Mohinder trapped with an ability negation system, but he is rescued by Hiro who kills the clone. (June 13th, Part One)
  • Hiro Nakamura - In the underground parking garage of the Odessa Unity Summit, Hiro confronts a Harris clone who engages him in battle. Distracting Hiro with his bomb vest, the clone strangles Hiro who cuts off his arms before killing him with his swords. Three more Harris clones arrive and Hiro faces off with two, but freezes time, determines he can't stop the bombing and teleports away without continuing the fight. (June 13th, Part One) Later, three Harris clones confront Hiro at his home armed with guns. Telling them he's been waiting for this chance, Hiro charges at them with two swords. (June 13th, Part Two)
  • Caspar Abraham - To capture Noah Bennet, a Harris clone pistol-whips Caspar unconscious but doesn't kill him. (June 13th, Part Two)
  • Nathan - At Hiro Nakamura's home, a Harris clone bursts in and holds a gun to Nathan's neck, entering a stand-off with Noah Bennet. Noah has Nathan teleport the clone across the room, freeing Nathan from his grip and allowing Noah to safely shoot him dead. (June 13th, Part Two)
  • Carlos Gutierrez - At Sunstone Manor, three Harris clones face-off with Carlos and Farah Nazan. Farah turns invisible and runs past the clones, drawing their attention and shooting one while Carlos kills another. As the third clone takes aim at Farah, Carlos shoots him dead from behind. Later, another clone comes after Carlos in the room Micah Sanders is being held in. The clone shoots Carlos' gun out of his hand before he can react, but his El Vengador suit protects him from being injured from the bullet. Before the clone or Carlos can do more, Father Mauricio suffocates the clone from behind, allowing Carlos to shatter him with a punch. (Send in the Clones)
  • Matt Parkman - Just outside Sunstone Manor, two Harris clones threaten Matt to get him to turn over Taylor Kravid. Instead, Matt telepathically orders them to kill themselves, which they do, allowing him to escape with Taylor. (Send in the Clones)
  • Luke Collins - Along with Phoebe and Quentin Frady, two Harris clones confront Luke and Malina in a cornfield. During the confrontation, Luke pistol-whips Phoebe, knocking her out. The Harris clone with her aims a gun at Luke, but Luke fries him before he can fire. Later, the second Harris clone emerges from the cornfield and takes aim at Luke and Malina. However, before he can shoot either, he is destroyed along with all of the other clones when Harris Prime is killed by Miko Otomo. (Send in the Clones)

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