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Quentin's victims

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Quentin's victims
Quentin mourns Phoebe.jpg
Quentin takes a moment to mourn Phoebe after killing her.

First occurrence: The Lion's Den

In his quest to find his sister and later as an agent of Renautas, Quentin Frady harmed several people.

List of Victims


  • Phoebe Frady -- When Phoebe attacks Malina in the Odessa Clock Tower, Quentin draws his gun from Malina's bag and confronts Phoebe, begging her to stop as Malina is the only chance to stop the H.E.L.E. However, Phoebe fanatically believes in Erica Kravid's cause and is willing to murder Malina to protect it. As Phoebe crushes Malina with darkness, Quentin realizes that his sister is gone and a monster has taken her place. With no other choice, Quentin shoots Phoebe three times, sending her falling out a broken window in the Odessa Clock Tower to her death. (Project Reborn)


  • Harris Prime -- After Miko Otomo creates a distraction by stealing back the Kensei sword, Quentin smashes a vase over Harris Prime's head, knocking him out. Quentin later threatens the man with a gun and wants to beat information on his sister out of him, but Noah Bennet stops him. (The Lion's Den)
  • Phoebe Frady -- In order to allow Miko to rescue Hiro Nakamura from Evernow, Quentin tackles Phoebe, breaking her concentration on suppressing Miko's powers. Phoebe kills him for it, (Game Over) but due to Noah's alterations in time, Quentin is restored to life. (June 13th, Part Two)
  • Tommy Clark -- During a standoff in St. Peter's Hospital, Quentin threatens to shoot Tommy if Noah doesn't put down his gun and let Quentin and Phoebe escape with the teenager. Afterwards, Quentin often holds a gun on Tommy as he works with Erica Kravid before Tommy returns them to the present. (Sundae, Bloody Sundae, 11:53 to Odessa)
  • Malina -- Quentin works with Phoebe and two Harris clones to kill Malina, though he shows reservations about it. After capturing Malina, Quentin is ordered to kill her, but hesitates, allowing Luke Collins to knock out Phoebe and destroy a Harris clone. Quentin threatens Malina while Luke threatens Phoebe in a stand-off, but Quentin eventually surrenders (Send in the Clones) and later joins Luke and Malina's side. (Company Woman)
  • Luke Collins -- Along with Phoebe and two Harris clones, Quentin ambushes Luke and Malina as they make their way to Midian, Colorado. After Luke knocks out Phoebe, Quentin enters a stand-off with Luke, but ultimately surrenders. (Send in the Clones) After Phoebe escapes, Quentin manages to get Luke's gun and gets the drop on him, aiming the gun at Luke's chest. However, Quentin realizes that Phoebe is no longer his sister and he is on the wrong side and turns the gun over to Luke before joining him in protecting Malina. (Company Woman)

Victims edit

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