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Heroes Reborn: Enigma

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Heroes Reborn: Enigma

Heroes Reborn: Enigma is a first-person action-adventure video game based in the Heroes universe. Taking place primarily in 2008, Enigma serves as a prequel to Heroes Reborn. Dahlia, the main character, is also able to time shift to 2014. The game, like its twin prequel video game Heroes Reborn: Gemini, was designed by Phosphor and is headed by Tim Kring's Imperative Entertainment. Enigma is standalone game that became available on October 8, 2015. It is can be purchased on mobile (iPhone and Android) and tablet systems for the price of $4.99 USD.

The basic structure of the game itself is to unlock new levels by figuring out puzzles. The user, who plays as Dahlia, utilizes her various abilities (telekinesis, time slowing, and time shift) to get out of various rooms and move on to the next level. There are a total of 32 levels, each increasing in difficulty. To see solutions to each level's puzzle, see Heroes Reborn: Enigma/puzzle solutions.




  • Tim Kring said that two of the writers for Heroes Reborn (including Raven Metzner) actually wrote the script for the game itself.
  • The game utilizes the Unreal 4 engine.
  • Game designer Brad Santos said that the game Portal was one of his inspirations for Engima.
  • The credits misspell Brandy Kopp's name as "Brandy Koop". They also misspell Ashley Liao's name as "Ashley Liau".
  • At the beginning of Level 7, Trevor Mason says, "Now stay focued on the task at hand." The word "focused" is misspelled as "focued".
  • During the selection menu, the constellations in the background are all in the shape of the helix symbol.
  • Though they have overlapping stories, there are a few continuity differences between Gemini and Enigma:
    • In Gemini, Cassandra wears Renautas smart glasses that she borrows from Alex, but in Enigma when Dhalia enounters her, Cassandra is not wearing any glasses at all.
    • In Gemini during Cassandra's last encounter with Dahlia in 2008, Dahlia asks Cassandra to deal with some lasers for her and to lower a platform she can't reach. These things are neither said nor happen in Enigma.

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