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List of multilingual characters

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The following characters demonstrated the capacity to communicate using multiple languages.

List of Multilingual Characters

Name Languages Used
Alena English, Russian
Aviv English, Hebrew
Charlie Andrews English, Japanese
Baron Samedi French, English
Noah Bennet English, Japanese, Russian
Sandra Bennet English, French
Mauricio Chavez Spanish, English
Tommy Clark English, Japanese****
Dr. Coolidge English, Sign Language
Emma Coolidge English, Sign Language
Emile Danko** English, Russian
Derek English, Spanish*
Charles Deveaux English, Japanese
Emily Duval English, French*
Fiona Spanish, English
Francis English, Japanese*
Lauren Gilmore English, Japanese
Hana Gitelman English, Hebrew*, Hindi*
Carlos Gutierrez Spanish, English
Jose Gutierrez Spanish***, English
Oscar Gutierrez Spanish, English
M. F. Harris English, Japanese
Alejandro Herrera Spanish, English*
Maya Herrera Spanish, English
Kaito's assistant Japanese, English
Erica Kravid English, Japanese*
J. Kuznetsov English, German, Russian*
Maarten Russian, English
Ando Masahashi Japanese, English
Daphne Millbrook English, French*
Adam Monroe Japanese, English
Hiro Nakamura Japanese, English, Spanish
Kaito Nakamura Japanese, English
Farah Nazan English, Arabic*
Omar Urdu, English
Miko Otomo Japanese, English
Nathan Petrelli English, Japanese*, Spanish, French
Angela Petrelli English, French
Claude Rains English, Japanese*
René English, French
Ren Shimosawa Japanese, English
Sign language interpreter English, Sign Language
Ivan Spektor Russian, English
Samuel Sullivan English, Japanese, Spanish, Sign Language
Mohinder Suresh English, French, Hindi*
Eric Thompson, Sr. English, German*
Traveler** English, Swedish, Hindi*, Dzongkha
Will English, Gaelic*

* The speaker only spoke a few words in the secondary language.
** The languages listed are only those which have been exhibited.
*** The character has demonstrated the ability to understand the secondary language.
**** While being raised by Hiro, Tommy was taught and spoke occasional Japanese. He lost the ability to speak Japanese when his memories were taken by Caspar, but regained it when his memories were restored inside the Eternal Fortress.
***** Charles Deveaux never speaks Japanese. Instead, he says that he speaks the language, and he translates the thoughts in Kaito's head. (From the Files of Primatech, Part 1)


See Also

  • For the ability to speak and understand any language, see omnilingualism.

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