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Caspar Abraham

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Caspar Abraham
Casper Abraham.jpg
Portrayed by Pruitt Taylor Vince,
Dan Warry-Smith (young Caspar)
First appearance Brave New World
In-story stats
Known ability Memory storage
Date of death 2015
Occupations Traveling salesman,
former Renautas agent,
former Company agent
Significant other Gladys Abraham

Caspar Abraham was an evolved human who watched over Tommy Clark to protect him at the behest of his grandfather. He was killed by Joanne Collins while trying to protect Emily from her wrath.

Character History

Brave New World

On June 13, 2015, Caspar sits in a bus shelter across from the church where "Evos Anonymous" is held. When Tommy leaves the church and accidentally knocks over a cycling delivery man, Caspar watches Tommy apologize and get on the bus. The following morning, Caspar enters the police station where the delivery man is preparing to give a statement to the police of how Tommy ruined his delivery. Caspar enters the room and uses his power of memory storage to take the delivery man's memories of Tommy and store them in one of his pennies. Caspar cheerfully leaves the police station, knowing that he had saved Tommy from getting in trouble with the police. He then sends Tommy a text saying, "Don't Trust Anyone".


Parked outside Pinehearst High School, Caspar overhears Brad tell Tommy that he knows that he's a "freak", and that he's going to have to do something for him if he wants to keep his ability a secret. Caspar follows them both to Brad's home, and when he sees Tommy run away, he deduces that Tommy was not able to fulfill Brad's request. Walking up to the house, Caspar talks to Brad's stepdad Don and makes him forget that Tommy was ever there. Caspar watches the next interaction between Brad and Tommy carefully, toying with a penny while doing so, and is relieved when he sees that they are on good terms.

Under the Mask

Caspar watches Tommy and Emily walk away from a party from inside his car. The next thing he knows, Anne Clark pushes a gun against his neck. Anne asks Caspar how long he has been following them, to which he replies, "You know". Caspar tells Anne that he kept a promise to watch over Tommy and that the world will need Tommy soon. Anne tells Caspar to stay away from them, and leaves with Tommy. Tommy asks his mother who Caspar is, but she doesn't reply.

The Lion's Den

When Farah Nazan's contact doesn't show up in St. Pierre, she leaves Caspar a voice message telling him the situation, and asking him to call her. Later, when Tommy teleports away from Cutler, Caspar blocks Cutler's way out of his office and begins to remove his memories. Caspar then goes to meet Tommy and Anne at the hospital, where he reveals to Tommy that he has been watching over him for almost a year because Tommy is destined to help save the world, and that he has to make sure that happens.

Game Over

Tommy tells Emily that Caspar, his "protector", told Tommy that it is Tommy's destiny to save the world.

June 13th, Part One

Caspar visits Noah Bennet, a former partner of his and reveals he is now working for Erica Kravid. Noah is shocked and tries to use their history to convince Caspar not to trust Erica, but Caspar has gotten Erica to agree to erase Noah's memory rather than kill him. While taking out a coin to erase Noah's memories, Caspar "accidentally" drops it and erases the guard's memory. Noah realizes Caspar is actually there to help him.

After rescuing Noah, Caspar leads Noah outside where he tells Noah he doesn't trust Erica as she has more faith in numbers than humanity. The two witness an unusual eclipse and realizing something is wrong, Noah grabs Caspar's gun and fires into the air, yelling at people to run. Moments later, the Odessa Unity Summit is bombed. Caspar and Noah both survive, but Noah is injured and Caspar enlists the help of Molly Walker to get Noah to the hospital. After Molly is unable to find Claire, Caspar goes looking for her.

June 13th, Part Two

Caspar watches as Noah and his future self argue over the future Noah's actions. When the future Noah tells his past self to erase his memory, Future Noah tells him to use Caspar rather than Rene. Noah decides to go back to the rubble so that it looks like he hit his head and lost his memory that way, but M. F. Harris knocks Caspar out and kidnaps Noah to have Matt Parkman find out where Claire is. Just in time, Caspar erases Noah's memory and knocks out Harris. Matt lets the two go and Caspar leads Noah to the rubble site where he erases Noah's memory of the day, leaving Noah to believe exactly what they wanted him to believe.

Caspar meets the future Noah with Anne Clark and the now-teenage Nathan at Hiro's house. He promises to protect Nathan and watches Nathan use Hiro's absorbed ability to return Noah to the future. When Harris arrives, Hiro orders a reluctant Nathan to take Caspar and Anne to safety while he holds off Harris. Nathan reluctantly does so, but attempts to return for his father. With no other way to protect him, Caspar erases Nathan's memory of all but Anne and walks off to begin his job as Nathan's protector.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

Caspar watches from a distance as Tommy teleports away outside of Moe's Ice Cream Parlor and tells someone on the phone he'll meet with them soon but has a few loose ends to tie up first.

Inside the ice cream parlor, Caspar is served by Tommy's girlfriend Emily Duval and notices a bracelet that she's wearing, causing Emily to tell him that her boyfriend got it from her for Paris. Caspar starts spinning one of his pennies to erase her memory, but stops himself when he realizes that Emily loves Tommy. Caspar tells Emily to treasure those memories as first loves are very important.

As Joanne Collins threatens Emily, Caspar asks how much he owes then pretends to drop his money to erase Joanne's memory. However, his pennies fall short of Joanne and when she picks a penny up, his power is ineffective. Joanne notices Emily trying to signal Caspar and orders him at gunpoint to sit down. As they wait for Tommy to arrive, Caspar recognizes that Joanne is in pain and states he knows what she's going through. Caspar offers to take Joanne's pain from her, stating that its what he does. Joanne seems to contemplate it, but they are interrupted when Tommy teleports in and demands Joanne let Caspar and Emily go. Caspar tells Tommy he's handling things then throws his briefcase of pennies at Joanne. However, Joanne shoots the briefcase in midair and then shoots Caspar in the head, killing him.

Later, Noah arrives at the ice cream parlor after being told of Caspar's death by Tommy and stares sadly at his old friend's body.

11:53 to Odessa

Luke Collins approaches Noah and Malina and offers to help them, but Malina tells Noah that Luke's wife was the one who killed Caspar. Luke tells them that it was his ex-wife and the situation is complicated.

Company Woman

Years in the past, a much-younger Caspar who works for the Company arrives at the home of Erica Kravid, having heard about a problem with a local doctor. Caspar sees blood on Erica's sleeve and realizes that she has already dealt with the problem. Caspar gives her a Primatech business card and offers to erase her memory of the experience. Erica refuses, telling him that she never wants to forget, but asks him to help her daughter by erasing her memory of it. Caspar agrees and enters her house.

In the present, Erica still has Caspar's business card and briefly looks at it before Matt Parkman arrives with Taylor as a hostage.

Heroes Evolutions

Brave New World

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Heroes Reborn: Enigma

In 2008, Trevor Mason tells Dahlia about a "travelling salesman who can store a memory on a coin," referring to Caspar.

Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World

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Evolved Human Abilities

Caspar had the ability of memory storage. He could transfer a person's memories into inanimate objects by making them recall said memories and then placing the object he desires to absorb them in front of him. Caspar used pennies to store the memories of his victims, and could determine which of his pennies contain which memories just by looking at them, as the pennies with memories appeared more tarnished. His pennies seem to have to be in motion before they are touched for his power to work as he tends to spin them first and when Joanne Collins picked up a penny that was no longer spinning, Caspar's power was ineffective.

Memorable Quotes

"Penny for your thoughts?"

- Caspar (Brave New World)

Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Caspar Abraham for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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