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Farah Nazan

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Farah Nazan
Farah Nazan.jpg
Portrayed by Nazneen Contractor
First appearance Under the Mask
In-story stats
Known ability Invisibility
Nickname Godsend
Age 34-35
Date of birth 1979 or 1980
Home Pakistan (formerly),
New York City
Occupations Primatech agent (formerly),
War veteran
Significant other Carlos Gutierrez
Parents Unnamed mother (deceased),
Unnamed father (deceased)
Other relatives Omar (uncle)

Lieutenant Farah Nazan is responsible for hiding Malina in the arctic in order to protect her from Renautas. After the H.E.L.E. is stopped, Farah goes to work with her boyfriend Carlos Gutierrez as a superhero, protecting the streets of Los Angeles as the partner of El Vengador.

Character History

Under the Mask

An invisible Farah stands behind Malina they observe a brewing storm on the horizon. When Malina tells her that she might not be ready for her task, Farah replies that the world will need her powers soon nevertheless. Later, Farah and Malina watch a Renautas helicopter from afar, and Farah tells Malina that they have to move faster if they wish to continue to evade them.

The Needs of the Many

Farah prays invisibly on a prayer mat in the Arctic. Standing up, she notices a monarch butterfly hibernating frozen in the snow. She walks further ahead to see that a large flock of monarch butterflies has migrated to the Arctic. Opening her compass, she notes that its needle rapidly spins to point to multiple directions instead of pointing to magnetic north. Malina approaches her, and Farah informs Malina that she is to travel south. Malina is excited by this prospect, but Farah chastises her for her excitement.

Farah later goes to Canada with Malina, and informs her that she has to practice her powers, commanding her to grow a tree in seconds. This is witnessed by a Canadian hiker, who attempts to call the authorities. Farah turns invisible and knocks the man out, then crushes his radio.

The Lion's Den

Farah and Malina reach St. Pierre, Quebec. Farah asks Malina to stay underneath a sawmill while she goes to meet someone. However, Farah's contact is nowhere to be found, so she calls Caspar to tell him about the situation and returns to the sawmill. Malina points out to Farah that she was followed. Farah turns invisible to battle Harris, but thanks to his E.P.I.C goggles, the agent shows her that he can see her. When another agent draws his gun on Farah, Farah kicks it out of his hand and winds him while Malina blows Harris and yet another agent away with her ability. Farah and Malina escape.

When Malina asks Farah who the agents were, Farah tells them that they work for a corporation hell-bent on making sure that Malina does not fulfil her destiny. The agents reappear, chasing Farah and Malina into a warehouse. After Malina fails to stop the agents, Harris shoots Farah in the back when she runs away. Wounded, Farah gives Malina an envelope, telling her that the answers she needs are in it. Malina then flees, leaving Farah behind. Her eventual fate is unknown.

June 13th, Part Two

Farah attends a hearing about the heroic actions of her boyfriend, Carlos Gutierrez. It is revealed that the actions are Farah's own and Carlos takes responsibility to protect her. Carlos is disgusted as he hid while she did everything and he got a medal. Before leaving Carlos for good for a new assignment, Farah tells him if he thinks he's unworthy of being a hero, to earn it.

Farah later arrives at Angela Petrelli's chateau and Angela informs her there's something about Malina's destiny she hasn't had the heart to inform the girl of.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

As Matt digs into Carlos's mind, Carlos relives a memory of himself, Farah and their squadron during a skirmish in the Afghanistan War. Farah helps repel the attack, but their forces are outgunned. After seeing the terrified Carlos standing idle while her teammates are killed, Farah goes up to him and orders him to get in the fight. Matt is intrigued upon seeing this memory of Farah, as he recognized her from somewhere else.

11:53 to Odessa

At Sunstone Manor, Matt Parkman enters a room where Farah is tied down and has an ability negation system on. Matt removes the system but refuses to release Farah, telling her that her gunshot wound is healing nicely. Matt demands to know about where Malina is, but Farah is able to resist his telepathy. Matt then tells her that they have Carlos Gutierrez at Sunstone Manor, shocking Farah. Matt believes that with Carlos' help, he'll get what he wants from Farah and leaves.

Matt later returns with Carlos and learns from reading Carlos' mind that after he froze up, Farah turned invisible and killed the enemy soldiers. Matt realizes that Carlos got credit for Farah's deed and became a war hero while Farah went to work for Angela Petrelli. As Matt questions Farah, he learns that Carlos had wanted to run away with her and shares the information with Farah. He eventually learns that Farah is in love with Carlos and threatens Carlos' life to get Farah to give him what he wants. Farah eventually tells Matt that Malina is headed for Odessa, Texas to stop the H.E.L.E.

Sometime later, Carlos escapes and rescues Farah who is being prepped for being hooked up to a Renautas pod. Carlos slaps Farah and then kisses her to wake her up before she tells him the slap was enough. Carlos tells Farah he's ready to be brave as she'd once told him to be and gives her the orderly's gun. The two make their way through Sunstone Manor, intending to rescue the residents, when they run into Taylor Kravid. Taylor warns them of approaching guards and Carlos and Farah each kill one, though they remain suspicious of Taylor. Taylor is able to get them to trust her by revealing she's there with Hero Truther to rescue their leader Micah Sanders and the three force a guard to open the gates to let the other members of Hero Truther in. However, they find an army of Harris clones approaching and split up to avoid them.

Send in the Clones

Farah, Carlos, Taylor and Rene barricade themselves inside Sunstone Manor where Carlos asks what's going on there. Taylor tells them its part of her mother's plan to steal evos powers through technology, but Farah tells them its more than that. She explains that Armageddon is coming soon and Erica Kravid is preparing. Farah explains to Carlos that her last assignment was to protect a girl who can save the world with her brother. Carlos notes they need to find the two and questions how. Rene suggests they find Micah Sanders who can help and Carlos sends Rene and Taylor to deal with Matt Parkman while he and Farah go after his nephew, Father Mauricio and Micah.

Making their way through Sunstone Manor, Carlos and Farah find Logue dead. The two are confronted by three Harris clones and Farah goes invisible and charges past them, shooting one while Carlos uses the distraction to shoot another. As the last clone aims at Farah, Carlos kills him from behind to her annoyance as she believes she had it handled. The two then make their way to the control room where Farah knocks out the guard and the two destroy the equipment broadcasting Matt's voice, releasing the residents from his control.

Continuing through Sunstone Manor, Carlos locates the armory and dons his El Vengador suit to help even the odds. Carlos explains the history of El Vengador in his family to Farah and how he finally understands about standing up for something as she'd wanted him to do. The two release the Sunstone residents and question them on the location of Jose and Micah. Father Mauricio finally tells them that Micah is in the isolation unit and begins gathering the residents while Carlos and Farah go in search of Jose. The two eventually locate him and he promises to lead them to Micah. Carlos orders Farah to organize the residents to form a defense against the army of Harris clones while he rescues Micah and Carlos and Farah share a kiss before they go their separate ways.

After Carlos frees Micah, Farah enters the room and tells him that she's organized the residents at the door. She helps him pull Father Mauricio's body out of the way so that Jose won't see it and as they leave, tells him that there's a Japanese girl outside single-handedly dealing with the clone army. Micah, Jose, Carlos and Farah emerge from Sunstone Manor to find that Miko has killed Harris Prime and destroyed the clone army. As the group watches, Miko disappears after telling Carlos that she used to be Katana Girl.

Now having taken control of Sunstone Manor, Micah, Jose, Carlos and Farah convene in Matt's office where a remorseful Micah tells them that Erica Kravid had used him to spread disinformation for her. Micah tells the group that the next day two massive solar flares will arrive at 11:18 am and 11:53 am. The first will destroy North America and the second everything else. Farah is horrified by the news and watches Micah make a broadcast as Hero Truther to the world exonerating Mohinder Suresh and exposing Erica's lies.

Later that night, Farah makes her way towards Odessa, Texas with Micah, Carlos and Jose.

Company Woman

As they make their way towards Gateway, Carlos' group stops for gas and Farah and Micah enter the gas station to find it seemingly abandoned. Farah leaves money on the counter but notices Malina on TV as they leave and is shocked to recognize her. Seeing that Malina is attempting to broadcast a message to her brother, Farah tells Micah that Tommy has to see it. Micah then uses his powers to clean up the transmission, put it on a loop and broadcast it to any device that can receive the signal to help ensure Tommy gets it.

Arriving at Union Wells High School, the group finds people rushing outside in a panic and Carlos realizes something's wrong. Turning invisible, Farah runs off to find Malina as Carlos follows her, leaving Micah and Jose behind.

After Joanne apparently shoots Malina before being killed by Luke, Quentin checks on Malina only to find that Farah shielded her invisibly and has been shot in the stomach. Malina is shocked to see her friend while Carlos runs to Farah's side, panicked by her injuries. Farah insists on the others getting Malina to Gateway, but Luke tells Carlos to get Farah to the hospital for treatment while he and Quentin take care of Malina. Picking up Farah, Carlos rushes out of the high school gym with Micah and Jose joining him.

Project Reborn

Carlos, Micah and Jose rush Farah to St. Jude's Hospital which they find to be abandoned. Micah turns on the power and Carlos prepares to operate on Farah to remove the bullet using his medevac training from the Army. Instead, Jose uses his powers to remove the bullet and Farah wakes up as desperate people come to the hospital for help, leaving Carlos, Micah and Jose to help them.

Three months later, a recovered Farah works as Carlos' partner in his El Vengador alter-ego. When Carlos adds flamethrowers to his costume, Farah comments it might be a bit much and is amused by Jose's request to join them.

Graphic Novel:Godsend, Part 1

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Graphic Novel:Godsend, Part 2

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Graphic Novel:Godsend, Part 3

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Graphic Novel:Godsend, Part 4

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Graphic Novel:Godsend, Part 5

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Evolved Human Abilities

Farah is able to turn her whole body and other objects she is carrying, such as a backpack, invisible (The Needs of the Many). She is an invisible presence beside Malina as the latter uses her powers (Under the Mask), and appears to use it as protection, praying invisibly when on an open plain in the Arctic and approaching a man invisibly so that she can knock him out. (The Needs of the Many)


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