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Matt's art

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Matt's art
Matt's drawings.jpg
Matt arranges several of his drawings.

First mentioned: A Clear and Present Danger
Owned by: Matt Parkman
Current status: Some at Mohinder's apartment
Some with Matt
Some at Isaac's former loft

Matt's art is created by Matt Parkman while in precognitive trances.


A Clear and Present Danger

Usutu appears to Matt, and tells him that he is being called as a prophet. Matt replies that he can't even draw, but Matt's eyes immediately turn white, and he begins to quickly sketch out four prophetic drawings of Flight 195, of Ando and Daphne, and of Claire and himself.

Trust and Blood

Matt, Mohinder and Hiro are all hiding together when Matt enters the trance, he walks to a camper van and finds some drawing materials, he sits down and draws four more pictures, one of Daphne being shot by the wreckage site, one of a man screaming, one of two men with machine guns stood by the trunk of a car and of Hiro in India.

Cold Wars

Matt returns to Isaac's former loft to create some paintings in an attempt to find Daphne. His paintings include a pipe bomb, a Kevlar vest strapped with pipe bombs, and himself wired with the pipe bombs. When Peter points out that he's not the sort of person who would harm someone, Matt points to an even more worrisome painting: a mural on the floor of Washington, D.C. being destroyed by a nuclear explosion in the exact same place that Isaac's mural of New York's destruction was.


Matt continues to paint the future in an attempt to find Daphne, but he only paints himself strapped to bombs. According to Peter, he has painted this repeatedly.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

At Sunstone Manor, Matt has a painting of what appears to be a man rising over a barren and lava-filled landscape.



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