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Episode:The Lion's Den

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The Lion's Den
Season: Reborn
Episode number: 505
First aired: October 15, 2015
The Lion's Den.jpg
Written by: Holly Harold
Directed by: Jeff Woolnough
Previous episode: The Needs of the Many
Next episode: Game Over


Story Development

Richard Schwenkman · The Collinses' home · Don Mercer · The Kravids' home · Space-time bridge



Inside Renautas Headquarters, Noah, Quentin, and Taylor are being pursued by guards. Noah asks Taylor what Molly was referring to when she said that billions of people would be killed. Taylor replies that she doesn't know, and Noah tells them that they must find Erica in order to get answers.

In St. Pierre, Quebec, Malina asks Farah why they've traveled to their current location. Farah tells her that she needs to meet someone there before they leave. Malina tells Farah that she knows she's supposed to save the world, but isn't sure how she's supposed to do it. Farah reassures her that when the time comes she will know. Farah hides Malina inside a building and tells her to remain there unnoticed while she meets someone.

Erica watches a security video of Ren's followers who have gathered at Renautas and asks why they're there. Harris informs her that they're on "some kind of scavenger hunt". Since Renautas publishes Evernow, they're taking photos of themselves on the campus. Upon seeing that the girls are all dressed as Katana Girl, Erica surmises that this is a trick by Miko in order to gain entry undetected and recover her sword. Erica orders Harris to take the sword to her house for safekeeping. Erica complains that with E.P.I.C global tracking offline they are falling behind schedule. Harris reminds her that local tracking via the eyewear does still work and that their agents are already using them. In order to handle the mob of Evernow fans, Harris suggests they might just have them all arrested for trespassing. Erica points out that these people are customers of theirs, and as every one of them has a cell phone, video of it will immediately go viral if they do anything about the mob. She tells Harris to send one of himself to find Miko. Harris takes out scissors and cuts off one of his fingers which begins to grow into a clone. His clone approaches the gate to the campus where a guard is barely able to hold the mob back. Harris informs the guard to let them through.

At the ATF Evo Division, Tommy is being booked and documented. A medical technician injects a tracking device into Tommy's wrist. He informs Tommy that he has an allowed radius of travel and if he exceeds it the response time is 10 minutes. When he asks who responds, the technician tells him he won't want to find out.

In Los Angeles, Carlos returns to the garage. He calls out for Jose, but there is no response. He notices signs that something is wrong and finds the El Vengador mask inside the car Jose was working on.

Still inside Renautas, Noah, Quentin, and Taylor come across a large seed bank. Noah remarks that it's the kind of bank one would construct when planning to rebuild after a mass extinction. While they're in hiding several men arrive to transport one of the pods to another location. When Quentin asks where it's being sent to, Noah suggests that Taylor ask her mother.

Luke pulls up to his home and cautiously enters. Getting no answer after calling out for Joanne, he heads into the kitchen and notices a picture of his kid on the refrigerator.

In Quebec, Farah is still waiting for her contact. She dials a number on her cell phone and leaves a message for Caspar informing him that she's been waiting for hours and their contact has not yet arrived. As she leaves she turns invisible. A Harris clone hiding nearby puts on his eyewear and is able to track Farah despite her being invisible.

At Renautas, one of the Harris clones also puts on his eyewear and scans the visitors that have entered the campus. Ren and Miko notice and surmise he's looking for the former. Miko realizes that they must know she's here for the sword and Ren suggests that they will likely attempt to trap her. Regardless, Miko is determined to press on and recover the sword so she can save her father.

Luke enters his son's room and looks around emotionally at the reminders of his son.

Agent Cutler interrogates Tommy asking him which of his aliases is his real name and why are he and his mother on the run. Tommy states that "Tommy Clark" is indeed his real name. When Cutler asks Tommy his last name before he was adopted, Tommy becomes confused. Cutler realizes Tommy did not know he was adopted. Tommy denies that he was adopted, but his blood type confirms that he is not the biological son of Anne Clark. Cutler tells Tommy they need to find his biological parents in case they're unregistered evos as well. While he is telling Tommy that his registration and ability is being logged, Tommy teleports out of the office. Cutler makes a phone call ordering the hospital where Tommy's mother is to be locked down. As he opens the door, Caspar is waiting for him. "Penny for your thoughts, Agent Cutler," he says.

Farah returns to the building where Malina is hiding. She tells Malina that her contact never arrived and suspects she's being followed. The Harris clone and another agent arrive and Harris asks where "the baby" is. Farah turns invisible to elude them. Harris, wearing E.P.I.C eyewear, is able to see Farah and places a warning shot right at her feet. Seeing an agent coming up behind Farah, Malina shouts to Farah. Farah disarms the attacker and Malina uses her ability to create a gust of wind blowing Harris and another agent backwards. Farah calls to Malina and they take off running.

Carlos arrives at the police station and asks an officer to see Captain Dearing. When asked why, Carlos accuses Dearing of having kidnapped his nephew and a priest. The officer goes to Dearing and informs him someone is here to see him for information about a kidnapping. Dearing tells the officer he'll be over in a minute. Meanwhile a couple other officers are opening up the E.P.I.C eyewear that's been delivered to the police department. When Dearing overhears one of them mentioning that they can detect evos he becomes concerned. With the eyewear on they discover Dearing is an evo. Realizing he's been discovered, Dearing attacks the officers but is quickly shot with a tranquilizer dart and taken away.

In a Renautas lab workers move one of the seed samples into place in front of some sort of machine. Erica arrives and speaks with Richard who tells her they're about ready to begin. Erica comments that what Richard has accomplished is like the big bang, only not as messy. Richard gives the ok to begin the test. A technician places a gloved hand onto the seed sample and the machine seems to power up. Moments later the sample vanishes and the machine powers back down. Erica complements Richard on his work mentioning that while they've mined all sorts of abilities from evos that this one in particular is the most important. Erica then receives a call from Taylor who apologizes for breaking into Renautas and allowing Molly to kill herself. She asks if Erica will come home so they can talk in person and Erica agrees. Hanging up the phone, Taylor tells Noah and Quentin that she's always been good at pretending to cry.

Miko and Ren follow along with the group visiting Renautas while trying to keep a low profile. Becoming suspicious Harris puts on his eyewear and turns around hoping to detect Miko. Miko however climbs the wall then pulls up Ren in order to remain out of sight. Seeing a picture of Erica, Ren points her out to Miko informing her that it was Erica who took her sword. Miko remarks that she is a powerful foe, but they will not fail.

Tommy teleports home to find an eviction notice being placed on their door. When he confronts the landlord the landlord tells him that he doesn't rent to evos. Tommy protests, however the landlord points out that not being a registered evo is enough for him to evict Tommy and his mother.

Farah and Malina stop a moment to see if they've escaped. When Malina asks who it was that came after them Farah informs her that it was Renautas, a company determined to ensure that Malina does not complete her mission.

Luke watches a video on his laptop of himself and his son building a miniature sailboat. He places a call and asks to see Don as soon as possible.

Harris and his crew catch up to Farah and Malina who take off running again. They run through a warehouse and Malina states that they can't just keep running. She turns and attempts to stop them with her ability, however Phoebe steps up and using her ability is able to deactivate Malina's. Shadowy tendrils project forth from Phoebe and travel towards Malina and Farah. Farah shouts to Malina to run, however Harris shoots Farah in the back before she can get far. Malina helps Farah limp away, however Farah tells her to just go. She hands Malina an envelope and tells her the answers she needs are inside. Malina runs off and hides on a lumber truck.

Ren and Miko observe Harris transporting her sword and Harris places it in the trunk of a car. Before Harris leaves, Ren places his phone behind the fuel tank door. He then uses his laptop to track the phone and determine where the sword is being taken to.

Captain Dearing, partially drugged, is taken to a truck by his former associates. As they're leaving, El Vengador disables both of the men. Dearing jumps out of the trunk and tries to attack El Vengador, however in his current state Dearing is subdued quickly. El Vengador offers Dearing the choice of leading him to Jose and Father Mauricio or leaving him there to be tortured by his former associates. Dearing agrees to help.

Erica arrives home and Taylor apologizes. Taylor tells her that she just wanted some answers and that Erica never gives her straight answers when she asks directly. Erica asks if breaking into Renautas was just to get answers about what happened with Francis. Taylor gets into an argument with Erica over the tactics they're using including capturing and holding the evos prisoner. Erica claims that saving the future will require some sacrifices. Erica accuses Taylor of being on drugs again, which she denies. Erica claims not to believe her, then Noah chimes in now revealing his presence and stating that he does believe her. Erica comments to Noah that it's been a long time since they last met. She asks him what he wants to which he asks if she killed Claire. Erica absolutely denies any involvement in her death and when asked about Hiro Nakamura claims he died at The Odessa Summit. When Noah accuses her of being responsible for Molly's death she denies it and blames Molly for being selfish and afraid. He asks her what could possibly be so important as to justify what she's done. Erica provides her typically vague answers and refuses to go into detail when pressed blaming Noah for opting to have his memory erased. Noah gets frustrated and points his gun at Erica, however Harris arrives pointing a gun at Noah and tells Noah to drop his gun. Harris gives the sword to Erica who sets it in a holder nearby.

Don arrives at Luke's house and wonders what's so urgent. Luke asks him how much he's willing to pay to buy Luke's share of their dentistry practice and tells Don to just write him a check for it. Don is confused and asks if Luke is retiring to which Luke answers that he's atoning.

Outside Erica's house, Miko charges at the window and breaks through. Miko is able knock down Harris and seeing the sword she takes it. Harris orders her at gunpoint to return the sword however she unsheathes it and vanishes. Quentin manages to sneak up behind Harris and knock him out. Outside Ren awaits Miko who appears a short time later. She tells Ren she now needs to return to Evernow to rescue her father.

Tommy teleports into his mother's hospital room. He accuses her of not telling him the truth and she replies that she wanted to but it seemed like there was never time to. She states that she will tell him the entire truth and Caspar asks incredulously if she really does mean everything. Tommy realizes that his mother knows Caspar and is annoyed that it's yet another thing she hasn't told him the truth about. When Tommy asks if Caspar is his father his mother says no. Tommy wants to know why he's been following him in that case. Caspar tells Tommy that he's very important and destined to help save the world. Tommy denies that he will and teleports away.

In his son's room, Luke finds a picture of his son and Joanne. Using his ability, the picture catches fire and he tosses his wedding band into the flames. He drops the picture frame allowing the entire room and eventually entire house to catch fire. Before leaving he takes the boat he and his son built with him.

Malina awakens on the lumber truck and opens the envelope Farah gave to her.

At the Renautas lab Richard is glad to see Erica unharmed. Richard informs Erica that a coronal mass ejection will hit the planet earlier than expected and that due to a pole reversal the planet will be defenseless. He states that 96% of all species on the planet will die in a matter of days. When he claims it's worse than expected, Erica asks him what else was he possibly expecting would happen.

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  • The live showing of this episode of Heroes Reborn was viewed by just over 4 million people, which represents a 9.04% drop in viewership from the previous episode.
  • One of the seeds being grown by Renautas is Solanum Lycopersicum, which is the binomial name for tomato.

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